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Alphabetical Listing


  • Make A Heaven In Your Heart For Me
  • Make Peace With God
  • Make Room Now For My Holy Spirit
  • Mary Is The Queen Of Heaven
  • Meditate On My Presence
  • Meditate The Rosary
  • Men's Weakness: Infidelity
  • Mercy And Wrath Alike Belong To Me
  • Message - Call To Unity
  • Message For France
  • Message For Ireland
  • Message For Lens
  • Message For Rhodes Prayer Group
  • Message For The Greek Priests
  • Message For The Prisoners On Muntin Lupa In Manila, Philippines
  • Message For Those Who Love Me
  • Message From Saint Michael
  • Message From Saint Michael The Archangel
  • Message of Our Lady
  • Message To Vassula's Counsellor
  • Misery Attracts Me
  • Multiplication Of Vineyards
    I Am The Root Of The Tree Of Life
    Peter\'s Chair
  • My Blood Is Gushing Out
  • My Blood Was Shed In Rivers For You
    Share My Cup
  • My Body Aches For Lack Of Love
  • My Body Is Maimed
  • My Bread Will Fill You
  • My Child, Prophesy!
  • My Child, Welcome Into Your Father's House
  • My Children Are Hungry
  • My Children Have Turned Their Backs To Me
    Do No Evil And No Evil Will Befall You
  • My Church Is Reigning In Confusion
    Do Not Judge
  • My Church Needs Vivification
  • My Church Will Be One
  • My Church Will Be One
  • My Church, I Will Clean
  • My Creation Has To Be Warned
    Promote Me Do Not Remote Me
  • My Creation Is Deaf
    The Rebel
  • My Crown Of Glory Will Be Offered To Me From The East
    Unite The Dates Of Easter
  • My Cup Tastes Bitter
  • My Delight Is In Every Pure Heart
  • My Divinity Transforms You
    Love Will Come Back As Love
  • My Earnest Wish Is That The West And East Meet
    A Census Will Take Place Without Consulting Me
  • My Enemies Persecute You, But In Reality Are Persecuting Me
  • My Father Created You Because Of Love
    My Law Is A Law Of Love
  • My Father Delights In Children
  • My Flowers Need Watering Otherwise Every Single One Will Perish
  • My Friend, My Little Friend
  • My Garden, I Find Neglected
  • My Heart had been touched by your so impoverished soul
  • My Heart Is An Abyss Of Love
  • My Heart Is An Abyss Of Love And Forgiveness
  • My Heart Is Consumed With Longing For Your Love
  • My Heart is lamenting like the sound of a flute
  • My Heart pains Me to watch this generation collapse
  • My Heaven Is In You
    Amend For Those That Embitter Him
    Will I Have To Reveal Myself With Wrath?
  • My Holy Shroud Is Authentic
  • My Holy Spirit
  • My Holy Spirit Shall Be Poured On The Pagans Too
    My Graces Upon You Will Be Multiplying
  • My Holy Spirit Shall Be Present
  • My Holy Spirit Will Come To Your Rescue
    There Will Be A Second Pentecost
  • My House In The West Is Being Plundered
    The East And The West Will Be One Kingdom
  • My Justice is provoked and challenged
  • My Kingdom Will Be Given To A Poor People - Vassula Of My Sacred Heart
  • My Last Loud Cry From My Cross
  • My Law Is A Law Of Love
  • My Law Is Not Difficult To Follow If You Truly Love Me
    A Prayer
  • My Love Hymn Will Grow Into A River And This River Will Grow Into A Sea Of Love
  • My Love Is Infinite
  • My Love was revealed from the very Beginning
  • My Love will be displayed in music, in poetry and virtue
  • My Mercy Is Great But My Severity Is As Great
  • My Mercy Is Great Upon You
  • My Mercy Is Infinite And My Compassion Too
  • My Messages Are My Gift To You All
  • My Messages Are Prayers
    Your Jesus, I Am
  • My Mother\'s Heart Is United With My Divine Heart
  • My Mysteries
  • My Mysteries Are To Remain Mysteries
  • My Name Is Love
  • My Own Know Me
    Obedience To Me Your God Comes Before Obedience To Men
    Every Devotion Given To My Mother Pleases My Heart
  • My Passion Is Repeated Every Day
  • My Plan Is To Save You All
  • My plea is to bring everyone to conversion and be saved!
  • My Presence In The Eucharist
  • My Presence Is Also A Mystery
  • My Presence is perpetually with you
  • My Prophets
  • My Prophets Are Not Taken Seriously
  • My Prophets Are Part Of My Body Too
  • My Reign In You
  • My Return Is Imminent
  • My Return Is Imminent (message To India)
  • My Royal Plan
  • My Russia, How I The Lord Love You!
  • My Sacred Heart Is Your Heaven
  • My Sheep Are Scattered
  • My Spirit like a Sun will strike many souls
  • My Spirit of Counsel will be counselling you
  • My Spirit Will Guide Your Step
  • My Sword Will Strike Them
    Forward My Warning
  • My Teachings Are Meant For All Of You
  • My theology is based on Truth and divine Love
  • My Thirst For Wretched Souls Is Great
  • My Vineyards, I Shall Spread Even More Now I Am On My Way Back To You
  • My Voice will be heard even by the coarsest of people
  • My Ways Are Delightful Ways, My Paths Lead To Eternal Life
  • My Ways Are Gentle, Loving And So Perfect
    Pray For The Conversion Of The World
  • My Wish Is To Give More Of Myself To You - The Treasures Of His Heart
  • My Word Is Like A Lamp
  • My Word says that My Mystical Body is One!
  • My Words given are a reflection of the Scriptures
  • My Words On You Are Alive And Are Spirit
  • My Wrath Is As Powerful As My Forgiveness
  • Mysteries Should Remain Unalterable
    The Seed Of Rebellion
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