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Alphabetical Listing


  • I Allow My Images To Weep
    Our Two Hearts Will Defeat The Enemy
  • I Allow Myself To Be Touched
    The Two Lamps
    Come, Do Not Be Tempted By Violence Any More
  • I Allow Them To Persecute You
  • I Allowed Your Eyes To See My Glorious Majesty
  • I Am Alive And Alive I Will Act
    The Time Is Almost Over
  • I Am All In One
  • I Am always near you in your missions
  • I Am An Endless Ocean Of Mercy
  • I am by your side determined to protect you, to encourage you
  • I am displaying the riches and splendor of My Kingdom and the Glory of My Majesty
  • I Am Father Of All Humanity
  • I Am Feeding You With My Spirituality
  • I Am Free To Replace Him
    My Purpose Comes First
  • I Am Fully Aware Of Your Capacity
  • I Am Giving You A Disciple's Heart
  • I am in control of every situation
  • I Am Known For My Mercy
  • I Am Known To Approach Souls Who Are Poor
  • I am known to be the Teacher of mankind
  • I Am Known To Teach The Way To Sinners
  • I am leading you to embellish My Church
  • I Am Like A Watchman
  • I Am Losing Thousands Of Lives
  • I Am Love
  • I Am Multiplying My Fruit
  • I Am Near You To Be The Threat To Your Enemies
  • I Am Not A Complicated God
  • I Am Not Beyond Reach
  • I Am Omnipotent
  • I Am Omnipotent   -   I Am
  • I Am Peace
  • I Am Quick To Forgive And Forget
    Be Patient Like I Am Patient
  • I Am Renowned For My Mercy
  • I Am Revealing To The World My Mercy And My Love
  • I Am Sending My Mother As A Teacher
    Parable Of The Darnel
  • I Am Sending You As My Bearer
  • I Am Sending You For This Journey A Brother
  • I Am Sent By Him To Prepare The Road For His Return
  • I Am Spirit
  • I Am Spirit
    True Life In God
  • I Am Standing At The Door Knocking
  • I Am Teaching You Step By Step
  • I Am The Author Of This Book
  • I Am The Beginning And The End
  • I Am The Bread Of Life
  • I Am The Elixir Of Life   -   I Am The Resurrection
  • I am the Gateway of Hope
  • I Am The Good Shepherd
  • I Am The Great Shepherd Of My Flock
  • I Am The Guardian Of Your Soul
    Heaven Is Your Home
  • I Am The Holy Trinity, All In One
  • I Am The Hope The World Is Looking For
    You Have Industrialised My House
  • I am the Key to Paradise
  • I Am The Light
  • I Am The Living Water And It Is I Who Keep You Alive
    Restore My House With Love
  • I Am The Lord Of Peace, Not Of Dissension
  • I am the Maker of all things
  • I Am The Most High   -   I Loathe Paganism
  • I Am The Rock And Foundation Of Christianity
  • I Am The Sole Judge
  • I Am The Spirit Of Love
  • I Am The Way
  • I Am The Way, The Truth And The Life
  • I Am The Way, The Truth And The Life
  • I Am Their First Father
  • I Am Thirsty Vassula!
  • I Am Will Return
  • I Am Wisdom And Your Educator
  • I Am With You My Friends
  • I Am With You To Bind You All Together In Love
  • I Am Your Best Friend
  • I Am Your Best Friend, Your Dearest Holy Companion
  • I Am Your Consoler
  • I Am Your Consoler
  • I Am Your Devout Keeper
  • I Am Your Father
  • I Am Your High Priest
    I Will Divinize You For I Am Divinity
    Come And Console Jesus
  • I Am Your Holy One But You Are Condemning Me
  • I Am Your Life - Remain My Victim
  • I Am Your Only Love
    My Cross Is The Door To True Life
  • I Am Your Redeemer
  • I Am Your Spiritual Director
  • I Am your Spiritual Guide and Counsellor
  • I Am Your Strength
  • I Am Your Teacher
  • I Bear No Rivals
  • I Bring You Nothing New
    His Favourite Targets Are My Consecrated Souls
  • I Can Be Your Oasis In Your Wilderness
  • I Choose Poverty To Show My Riches
    A Nation Consecrated In Your Holy Name Will Resurrect
  • I Confide My Ministers To You
  • I Created You To Delight My Soul
    Be One Under My Holy Name
  • I Created You To Love Me
  • I Cry Out In This Wilderness
  • I descend in your times to put aflame this generation
  • I Do Not Need Philosophers And Sages
  • I Do Not Use Your Will Unless You Offer It To Me
    The Three Iron Bars - Come Holy Spirit
  • I Do Not Want A Worthless Lip Worship!
  • I form those that I love by giving them trials
  • I Found You In Wretchedness
  • I Give My Word Freely
  • I God Am With You
  • I God Exist
  • I Grant Sanctifying Graces
  • I Have Appointed You As An Intercessor Of The House Of The East And West
  • I have asked that this generation repents
  • I have been and am still your Teacher
  • I have been giving ample teachings to you and to this generation about the Holy Spirit
  • I Have Blossomed In His Salvation
  • I have brought people who did not know Me to get to know Me and love Me
  • I Have Called For Penance, For Acts Of Reparation, For Prayers
  • I Have Called You To A Life Of Peace
  • I have carved every word of Mine on your heart
  • I Have Chosen You To Be My Bearer
  • I Have Come To Unite You All
  • I have come to you to express My desires I have for My Church
  • I Have Commissioned You For This Mission
  • I Have Entrusted You With My Work, Like A Lamp, Keep It Alight And Shining
    I Have Come To Reassure You Of My Assistance
  • I Have Established My Throne Inside Your Heart
  • I Have Formed You With Tenderness And Love
  • I Have Gained Fruits Out Of My Divine Work
  • I have given them life to testify My Resurrection
  • I have given you lectures of Byzantine spirituality
  • I Have Given You Spirit Anointed Messages
  • I Have Given You The Gift Of My Love
  • I Have Liberated You
  • I Have Little Time Left Now Before My Father\'s Hand Strikes This Generation
  • I Have Opened My Heavenly Stores
    Recognize The Times
  • I have planted this Vineyard and called it: True life in God
  • I Have Resurrected You
  • I have revealed to you the condition of My Church
  • I Have Risen, I Have Not Disintegrated
  • I Have Seen Russia
  • I Have Some House Duties
  • I Have Used You With My Cross
  • I Have Wed You To Share My Cross
  • I Have With Me Two Rings
  • I Hold The Key
  • I Just Need Your Will And Your Consent To Complete My Work
  • I Let My Heart Be Touched
  • I live in the silence of your heart
  • I look sadly at My Church today
  • I Love Childish Faith
  • I Love Children
  • I Love Holiness
    See Me In My Creation
  • I Love Them To Folly
  • I Love You Because Of What You Are Not
  • I Love You In Spite Of Your Nothingness
  • I made a New Song for them to be played on the strings of Love
  • I Must Leave You On Earth To Accomplish Your Mission
    My Holy Spirit Is The Cornerstone Of My Church
  • I Need Sacrifice, Generosity And Love
    Message For Argentina
  • I Need Their Heart To Rebuild Inside It
    Do Not Let Satan Find You Sleeping
  • I Need Victim Souls
  • I Need Victim Souls
  • I Need Victim Souls More Than Ever
  • I Need Your Consent Again
  • I Need Your Total Abandonment
    Message For Indonesia
  • I Rescue All Those Who Cling To Me
  • I Revived You For My Glory
  • I rule with Majesty with Authority, intrusively and with Mercy
  • I said I will be your guide and adviser
  • I Shall Come Suddenly Upon You In A Pillar Of Blazing Fire!
  • I Shall Draw You Into A Greater Interior Life
  • I Shall Have You Exposed As A Sign Of Rejection, The Rejection For Unity
  • I Shall Make The Prophecies Of Isaiah Come True
  • I Shall Not Allow My Church To Pine Away
    The Spirit Of Rebellion
  • I Shall Not Stand Aside In Your Misfortunes
  • I Shall Overthow All The Imposters In My Church
    My Russia Shall Be The Living Example Of Your Times
  • I Shall Pour Out My Spirit
  • I Shall Reveal To You The Holy Face Of Your God
  • I Shall Send You To A Few More Nations
  • I Shall Sing To You My Song Of Love
  • I Shall Use This Weakness To Draw My People To Unity
  • I Smile In Pure Souls
  • I Suffice By Myself
  • I The Lord Have Crowned My Mother As Queen Of Heaven
  • I Thirst For Love
  • I Veiled Your Eyes
  • I Want A Renewed Submission To My Will
  • I Want My Priests To Be Holy
  • I want them to know Me as their God and Father
  • I Want To Heal Your Disloyalty
  • I Want To Remind Them Of My Ways
  • I Want You To Be Faithful To Me
  • I Want You To Be Intimate With Me
  • I Want You To Be Perfect
  • I Want You To Feel Me
  • I Want You To Trust Me
  • I Warn Those Who Laugh The Spirit Off
  • I Will Betroth This Nation To Myself
    Message For Japan
  • I Will Bring Back To Peter My Sheep
  • I will bring the House of the East together with the House of the West
  • I Will Confound The Sages
    Your Clothing Will Roll In Your Blood
  • I will continue to pour out water from the Spring of Life
  • I Will Dissolve This Rebellion... I Will Dislodge The Apostates
  • I Will Embellish My Garden
  • I Will Feed You Before The Very Eyes Of Your Persecutors
  • I Will Fill Up What Lacks
  • I Will Fill You With A Variety Of Gifts From My Holy Spirit
  • I will give a new splendour to My Church
  • I Will Guide Many Back To Me
  • I Will Hasten My Plan For The Sake Of This Remnant
  • I Will Increase My Calls
  • I Will Make Of You My Altar
  • I Will Never Weary Knocking
    Love Your Neighbour As Yourself
  • I Will Not Spare The Cains
  • I Will Pour In Your Eyes My Transcendent Light
  • I Will Preserve The Germ Of A New Generation
  • I will purge this earth by flame and sorrow
  • I Will Reform The Unformed
  • I Will Reign In Spite Of My Enemies
  • I Will Resurrect Russia As I Have Resurrected Lazarus
  • I Will Reveal To Them My Holy Countenance
    I Have Come For The Sick, The Poor
  • I Will Share This Extra Mile With You
    Love Is A Gift
  • I will show My Glory through the Eastern House
  • I Will Show Them What True Life In God Means
  • I Will Sow Love Everywhere
  • I will topple every opposition with My Love and Mercy
  • I Will Unite My Lambs
  • I Will Water My Orchard
  • I Wish To Unite All My Priests
  • I Would Like To Take You Into The Nuptial Chamber Of My Heart
  • I Would Make My Words A Fire In Your Mouth
    Will Not One Of You Restore My Honour By Restoring My Tottering House?
  • I, God, Lived In Your Wilderness
  • I, The Lord, Am Spirit
    I Have Said That I Alone Am The Only Lawgiver And Judge
  • I, The Lord, Desire This Unity
    The Advocate
  • I, The Lord, Do Not Want Any Divisions In My Church
  • I, The Lord, Need Love And Adoration And Unity
  • I, The Most High, Have Raised You To Be A Model Of Unity
  • I, Yahweh Am Everyone\'s Spouse - My Presence Is What They Should Observe
  • I, Yahweh, your Father, will continue to speak through you
  • I, Your Saviour, Am Clad In Rags Made Out Of Sackcloth
  • If A Man Is Innocent, I Will Bring Him Freedom
  • If It Is Your Will
  • If The World Hates You, It Is Because You Love Me
    Pray For Those Who Plot Incredible Schemes Against My Holy Spirit
  • If They Have Called The Master Of The House Beelzebul, What Will They Not Say Of His Household?
  • In Bethlehem
  • In every square there will be lamentations
  • In My Times Of Persecutions
    Jesus Explains Apocalypse. 6:12-17
  • In The End Our Hearts Will Prevail
  • In The End Our Two Hearts Shall Triumph
  • In Time Of Famine, I Came
    I Ask Love, To Break The Barriers Of Your Division
  • In You They Will See My Face
  • In Your Hearts I Shall Rebuild The Unity Of My Church
  • In Your Poverty, I Am King
    I Have Come To Educate You And Millions Of Others Through These Messages
  • Infatuate Me With Your Simplicity
  • Integrate Your Whole Being In Me
  • Io Sono Con Te
  • It Is Essential To Pray And Ask My Favours
  • It Is I Who Establishes The Associations Of True Life In God
  • It is I who stir the winds and stir the seas
  • It Is Love Speaking To A Hostile World
  • It Is The Holy Spirit Who Makes You Into Gods By Participation
  • It Is Wrong To Believe That This Is My Handwriting
  • It Takes So Little To Console Me
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