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I Am Free To Replace Him
My Purpose Comes First

March 2, 1995


My Lord?

I Am; peace be with you;

till now I have put up with you and all the delay due to administration .... 1 I want to untangle you from these things that take up My time! I am telling you: I am the One who enlisted you to write down My Messages; you will not keep up with My time were you to continue the way you do now; I have given you certain rules and again they were not followed; from My Grace you are obtaining My Messages and My Will is that you go and announce them as you do in public, to be able to teach others;

- I shall put a new heart in you and give it a spark and with My Grace you will comply with My rules; pray and be with Me in My Calls; I have put up with you so far; from now on My purpose comes first; from now on you will answer My Calls and not those of others; My Messages come first; from now on you will spend your time with Me in harmony2 and not with the great demands that so many impose on you, nor will you spend your time with discussions on the telephone; tell people who would like to hear "the latest novelty" of My Messages to recollect themselves in prayer and equip themselves with what I already have given them;

Vassula, remind everyone who works for True Life in God that I have chosen them, yet if anyone fails Me I am free to replace him; I desire that each one of them re-examines his conscience and: pray to obtain an opening; try to discover what is missing and what I want out of you;

Satan is observing all of you and has sworn to stop My Plan by obstructing it and by using strong opposition; his threats are reaching heaven daily; without delay, work hard and willingly; for My sake work with My Spirit and not with yours; - should anyone work for his self-interests and without love, joy and self-giving, I shall intervene again ....

and you, daughter, from now on be careful and on your guard; Wisdom will continue to teach you, so, no more! 3 - rely on Me completely, and continue with the gift of prophecy that I have given you; I am with you; ic;

1 Christ was reproaching me that the messages He dictated to me were 'put aside', and I had taken up His time of dictation for administration, e.g. fixing my travelling programmes, faxes non stop, and people keeping me on the phone.
2 When I am under dictation with Our Lord I feel happy and peaceful. But the administration work, etc. put me in stress and I had lost my peace, because I was 'pushed' by people to hurry on what they wanted from me. I ended up working for others and not for Jesus.
3 This came very strongly, it sounded as one says BASTA! in Italian. I understood that Jesus does not want me to do 'paperwork' even if it is for True Life in God, nor delaying on phone-calls.



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