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Do You Believe In Miracles?

May 10, 1987

Vassula do you remember when I fed My people with manna? I threw it from Heaven, it came from My stores in Heaven; do you know that it is I who lifted the seas so that My people could cross to the Sinai?

Yes, Lord.

I am Omnipotent, little one; I am the One who installs together this guidance to feed many; I have, Vassula, communicated with you all this time! see?

My God, and still I'm fearing that this is done by my subconscious ...

let Me tell you instantly that you would never have done all this work on your own! do you believe in miracles?

Yes, I do.

consider this as a miracle then, I love you;

I love You, Father. How could I explain to people when they ask me how do I see You. I feel Your Presence very much, and it's no fancy.

tell them that you see Me with the eyes of your soul;

Sometimes, Jesus, I think I'm imagining You and want to turn my eyes away from You (the vision) to convince myself it's not You ...

in doing this you offend Me, Vassula; I have given you this grace, 1 accept My gift, accept what I give you!

Lord, sometimes and especially in Bangladesh with the heat I feel exhausted, I wish I could do more work. Sometimes I wish I was like an amoeba, split in several pieces!

I give you enough strength to complete My Works; Luke once said; "I will never exhaust since I am working for the Lord, for the Lord Himself is my strength"; little one I have led you as a father would lead his little child by the hand to school; estimate what you have earned with Me?

I have indeed earned a lot. Since I never practised religion, nor had a Bible in the house since school time, and not having been to church since the baptism of my first son (15 years ago). You taught me many things. Not that I now consider myself as a scholar, but at least You taught me who You are and how much You love us, and of how to love You.

I have given you fruit from My own garden; I wish to fill up your stores with My fruit;

(I asked Him something which I don't wish to write down.)

I know Vassula, let it be like I wish it to be;

(I could not help but produce a smile to my ears, it felt so good to have a small 'chit-chat' in this way with Jesus. I felt Him like I was talking to a good friend, I couldn't help smiling. I was almost giggling, I was happy.)

I am cheerful too;

(Yes, He was, it was marvellous!)

Vassula do you know how I delight and enjoy these moments, these moments where you talk to Me as a companion? Vassula, we still have work to be done; be blessed, I will give you a sign of My Presence, beloved;

Jesus, what sign, I mean, where?

in your house; I will prove to you that I am present;

I love You, Jesus. I wish I could please You.

altar! keep drawing from Me and keeping My Flame in you ardently ablaze;

1 To have intellectual visions as well as imaginary visions.



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