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If The World Hates You, It Is Because You Love Me
Pray For Those Who Plot Incredible Schemes Against My Holy Spirit

November 10, 1992

peace be with you; today's lands have been totally polluted and have everything but Me;

what seems right to the world is abhorrent in My Sight and is already condemned by Me; if the world hates you it is because you love Me; let your testimony be valid in My Eyes and I tell you, your testimony will only be valid were you to sacrifice entirely for the salvation of souls and show your love by laying down your life for your friends and for those you call your enemies, so that when My Day comes you need feel no shame;

I, Myself, will provide you with My Strength; in the meantime carry on the work I have given you and shout for joy; rejoice because with My Power I will break through their wall and let everything that had been hidden from you be exposed to light; your eyes will see crawling before you all sorts of animals and snakes; but do not be afraid of those who kill the body, I tell you they cannot kill the soul; fear him rather who can destroy both body and soul in hell! follow in My Footprints and do not look for honour or praise;

if the world takes you for impostors know that you are genuine, for the first one the world took for an imposter was Me; love! and forgive! pray for those who plot incredible schemes against My Holy Spirit and do not judge them lest what is fatal for them, turns to be fatal on you; let Me correct them, let everything you do be planted in love; I shall provide you and fill you with consolations; every thorn in My Body will be removed in the end; Love will triumph;

November 15, 1992

"If only my miseries could be weighed, and all my ills be put on the scales! But they outweigh the sands of the seas: what wonder then if my words are wild?" (Jb. 6:2-3)

I shiver with horror to think I might be wrong!
Will I be found with blame in Your Presence, my God?
Yet I have taken root in You,
I saw You standing there, silent,
with Your Hand outstretched as someone expecting alms,
then I heard a Voice, 1 a Name2 was given me
and my soul succumbed into My Father's Arms.
O God! How I love You!

My child, My child .... how I, the Lord, love you! I love you to tears .... cease listening to the evil one who tries to destroy all the good things I have given you;

have faith in My Love, I will never fail you3 .... never4 ... so have My Peace, this Peace I have given you and know, My child, that greater love than Mine you will never meet .... ah, My child, cling on the hem of My robe; I am here and with you;

1 The Voice of the Father.
2 Yahweh.
3 He said these words almost as a whisper.
4 He whispered this word.



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