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To Keep You Alive I Have Offered You To Eat My Body And Drink My Blood

July 27, 1992

Vassula, My wretched bride, I had foreseen all your failures and your weaknesses well before you were born; I knew all along that the one I had set My Mind on to cast out in the corruption of the world to be My Net, would wriggle and twist in My Hands; I knew how the devil would place crafty traps to trap she whom My Heart loves, therefore, do not be astonished and do not think that I am astonished either .... do you still want to continue bearing My Cross I so lovingly offered you?

Yes, I do. Do not hide Your Face from me nor Your Cross. Your Holy Face looking on me will give me the strength I need to carry Your Cross. This is all I need. I do not deserve that the King of kings so lovingly looks down at me from heaven.

Vassula, do not make Me change My Mind about your singleness of heart, 1 for carrying out the task I so favourably offered you, your spirit ought to be united with My Spirit, your heart with My Heart and in this perfect union you will be able to be My Echo; look! courage, daughter! your Loved One is coming soon, to end up the sorrows and laments of this earth; listen, daughter, have I deprived you of anything?

No, Lord, You have done only the opposite:
You filled my mouth with Celestial Manna,
You nourished my soul,
You have done great things for me.

yes! I have offered you a full table; I have offered you My House, My Heart and Myself; I have offered you to live with Me, in My Light; I have offered you, from the Palm of My Hand, My Celestial Manna; I have offered you, while crossing this desert, part of My Cloak; to keep you alive I have offered you to eat My Body and drink My Blood;

I have accustomed your steps to walk in My Steps; I have instituted in you My favours and the Riches of My Sacred Heart; I have held back legions of demons who were ready to tear you apart; like a Warrior I fought and defended your cause from the Deceiver; I have poured on you and on your household My blessings; I have restored your house2 from ruin and death; I have so lovingly pressed your lips on My Wounds and shared My Cup with you; and like a Spouse offering His matrimonial bed I have offered you My Cross, My Thorned Crown and My Nails to sanctify you; what more could I have done to you that I have not done? ....

Vassiliki, 3 do not give in to the promptings of your nature lest you lose your fruits and are left like a withered tree; I have courted you, Vassiliki, with all My Soul and with all My Soul I intend to keep you forever Mine, yet I will from now on demand much more from you than before; if you do not stand according to the demands of My Sacred Heart you will face double your crosses; remember, you owe your life to Me and your salvation too; keep your distance from the world that has got everything but Me;

may the Strength you receive from Me open your mouth and proclaim My marvels, may every race in the world hear My Message; I shall sow everywhere and in each country, I shall cultivate your deserts and the sound of My Footsteps will be heard by all the inhabitants of the earth, to the far ends of the world;

daughter, treat Me tenderly and I shall offer your soul delights and consolations to appease your thirst; get up at midnight now and then to praise Me and thank Me for the favours and the blessings I so lavishly poured on you;

you are dear to Me, look on My right side and see who is with Me .... yes, your advocate and your Mother, guarding you from peril and from threats; like a lamp shining on the sacred lamp-stand; 4 She shows you the Way to Me;

1 This was a reproach from Jesus.
2 That is: "restored your soul".
3 Jesus gravely called out my official name of birth.



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