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Consecration To The Sacred Heart

January 26, 1992

Vassula of My Sacred Heart, do you want to consecrate yourself entirely to Me?

Yes, my Lord, I want.

then say these words:

Sacred Heart of Jesus,
come and invade me completely
so that my motives will be Your Motives,
my desires Your Desires,
my words Your Words,
my thoughts Your Thoughts,
then allow me to creep
in the deepest place of Your Sacred Heart;
annihilate me altogether;

I, Vassula,
shall worship Your Sacred Heart from the core of mine,
I promise to serve Your Sacred Heart with a fire inside me,
I shall, with zeal, serve You more fervently than before;

I am weak
but I know that your Strength shall sustain me;
do not allow me to lose sight of You,
nor allow my heart to flutter elsewhere;

I, Vassula,
will look for Your Sacred Heart alone
and desire You alone;

Sacred Heart of Jesus,
make me dislike all
that is contrary to Your Holiness and to Your Will;
sift me through and through
and make sure that not one rival remains within me;
from today, tighten the bonds of Love
with which you have enlaced me,
and make my soul thirst for You
and my heart sick with love for You;

Sacred Heart of Jesus,
do not wait,
come and consume my whole being
with the Flames of Your ardent Love;
whatever I will do from now on,
will be done merely for Your Interests and Your Glory
and nothing for me;

I, Vassula,
consecrate my life for you
and from today am willing
to be the slave of Your Love,
the victim of Your Burning Desires and of Your Passion,
the benefit of Your Church,
and the toy of Your Soul;

make my traits resemble those of Your Crucifixion
through the bitterness I will encounter
in the deafness of souls, and to see them fall;
give my soul its fill;

Sacred Heart of Jesus,
do not spare me from Your Cross,
like the Father had not spared You;
arrest my eyes, my thoughts and my desires
to be captives of Your Sacred Heart;

unworthy, I am, and I deserve nothing,
but help me to live my act of consecration
by being loyal, invoking Your Holy Name untiringly;
make my spirit repulse all that is not You;

Sacred Heart of Jesus,
make my soul bear more than ever before,
the Marks of Your Body for the conversion of souls;

I, Vassula,
voluntarily submit my will to Your Will,
now and forever;

and now My Spirit will rest in you; .... Vassula, it pleases Me to see you spend your time for Me; all your sacrifices done in My Name do not go in vain;



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