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I Am Will Return

March 4, 1991


(At All Saints Lower School. I was invited by Father Ian Petit.)

I Am; Love is near you; Love is Generous; remember My Presence and you shall not falter; daughter, come and pray with Me to the Father:

though night still covers this earth,
I know that above me,
Yahweh, who sees His children in darkness,
will take pity on them;
with Power and Glory He shall descend
to dissipate this menacing night into a bright day,
Peace and Love shall fill us,
and our soul will be filled with His Light,
I Am will be back,
I Am will return,
I Am will be with us,
Glory be to the Highest!

(Later on, I came to the Lord, wondering if I really had to be sent out, like now, travelling to witness; travelling every day by car, trains or by planes in different places was not easy, but quite exhausting.)

- My Lord?

I Am; little one, every time you call Me, My Heart leaps with joy; if only you understood this, My child ... you have asked Me if you had to go out and witness like you do now; yes, it is necessary, not that I need you, but, Vassula, going out and witnessing in My Name, glorifies Me and at the same time purifies you; flower, I shall give you the strength you need, the words you need; treat Me now as a King deserves, treat Me as your Holy One has to be treated; I Am is with you; come, My Child-Saved-by-Me, come; your step must follow My Step, your foot where I had My Foot, till the end of your mission; we, us?

Yes, forever linked.

so come to Me as often as you can and I shall fill you every time you come to Me; lend Me your ear My child so that I may train your ear to hear My Voice; satisfy Me, My child, and you will prosper in Me; Love is with you and blesses you;

(Later on again I went to the Lord.)

ah yes! you are back with Me; I shall elaborate your talk tonight; I am He who shall clarify many things; repeat after Me these words:

"Jesus, touch My heart,
You are my Delight,
speak to me, lead me,
and humble me,

delight Me and praise Me all the time; I love you and because of that, I shall leave My Cross on you; I Am He Who bore It till the end; honour Me and glorify Me by bearing My Cross now and then to rest Me, come;



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