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Dearest Soul Give Me Your Love

November 23, 1989

My King,
lead every soul to the Truth,
that they may glorify You around one single Tabernacle,
let those who hear and hear again,
but not understand, understand this time,
and those that see and see again,
but not perceive, perceive this time,
entering into Your Mystery,
soften their heart so that they may understand
with their heart and not their mind
and thus be converted and healed by You,
praising You my King.

My child, I shall raise even the dead; pray for these souls who have not understood My Will;

be steadfast in My teachings, be firm in My Ways and discourage those who inflict wounds on My Body; treat your enemies, who are My enemies, kindly, but at the same time teach them firmly; I shall guide each step you take, My child; love Me with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind for in doing so, you shall see Me your God; daughter, come to Me, even for a few moments of the day, to meet Me as I have taught you, it pleases Me; dearest soul, give Me your love, have I not given you Mine?

I am your Spouse who feeds you, who fills you, who consoles you, who defends you, who cares for you and who lifts your soul to Me; I am He who loves you most, dearest soul; I know, 1 but I have trained you and formed you for this mission, lean on Me when you are weary and I shall lift you; flower, all you do in My Name glorifies Me; eat from Me; I love you and I have created you to love Me, I have created you to rest Me, I have created you to share with me all that I have; pray to the Father to relent His Justice that lies heavily upon you; 2 relent His Anger by loving Him, by praying with your heart, by fasting, repenting and confessing your sins; enter into the world of Peace and Holiness; live holy, reflecting My Divinity;

My Vassula, are you happy now that I have liberated you?

Glory be to the Lord, YES!

then gratify Me by allowing Me to use you for My Glory; see? understand that I shall require from you sacrifices, sufferings, and great patience, but nothing shall go in vain; remember, I have formed you to become another little crucifix for My Glory; each little crucifix becomes a column of light, thus diminishing the darkness that surrounds you; treat Me now as a King and offer Me souls, I am thirsty for souls; I shall help you and Wisdom shall instruct you; keep near Me and remember My Presence;

I, Jesus, bless you; love Me;

1 I said something to Jesus.
2 Our generation.



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