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Learn To Be Patient

November 9, 1989

(I come in this way to the Lord with fear of being in error again. I somehow do not seem to grasp and understand all this, I'm again going through a trial. Yet I come to You in this way You've taught me.)


I am; be in peace; My Vassula, let no one take away the gift I have given you;

Do not allow this to happen, my Lord!

I shall not allow this to happen, but keep in mind My Teachings; keep in mind how I, the Lord, came to you;

Jesus, You know my fears.

I know them;

You know my anguishes.

I know them;

Sometimes I fear of being in error!

I know, My sympathy is with you and I am yearning even more to press you closer to My Heart; fear not and be in peace; today I tell you that I shall show you that what you have, comes from Me; learn to be patient, learn from Me; hear Me, lean on Me, devote your time for Me, never cease praying1 ......Vassula, since when do you love Me?

I love You since the time of the 'writings' when You approached me in this manner, just after my guardian angel Daniel.

I have come to you by 'the writings' and I have risen you through 'the writings'; I have formed you through 'the writings'; I have instructed you My Knowledge through 'the writings'; I have transfigured you through 'the writings'; I have converted many Godless people through 'the writings'; I have shown you the state of My Church, again through 'the writings'; I have shown you My Sacred Heart through 'the writings'; how could you ever believe that this fervour I am giving you is yours or comes from you!? flower! I have chosen you because you are so wretched and because you were so far from My Church; I chose you because you were dead, to show the world that I need no power from man nor their holiness to accomplish My designs; 2

it is as Scripture says: "it was to shame the wise that God chose what is foolish by human reckoning and to shame what is strong that He chose what is weak by human reckoning: those whom the world thinks common and contemptible are the ones that God has chosen - those who are nothing at all to show up those who are everything" and to this day I thank the Father for hiding these things from the learned and the clever and revealing them to mere children; 3

be in peace, My child; My Cross of Peace and Love cries out to the world for conversion, for love, for peace and for unity; My Works are to bring to divinity again this human race; My Works come from My Mercy;

enter into My Sacred Heart and rest, My Vassula; freedom is to love God; I freed you;

Glory be to God! Praised be our Lord!

I, Jesus of Nazareth, am beside you; today I shall come to you by My "visiting statue"; 4 I never fail the graces you ask from Me; be blessed, I will help you; pray, for this is talking to Me and I then am listening to you;

I am with you too, My little angel; 5 we, us?

Forever and ever.

1 There was a pause here.
2 Jesus said all this maybe in one breath!
4 A pilgrim statue of the Sacred Heart. A statue that stays nine days in each house.
5 This was our Holy Mother.



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