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Persecuted   -   In Times Of Persecution

September 4, 1989


In times of persecution
In You my soul takes warm shelter,
until the raging storm ceases again.
I tend my ear towards Heaven
to listen to Your Tender Voice, ever so consoling.
I need not fear, beside me Your Holy Presence consoles me,
there is no one who can replace Your Faithfulness,
You are my Master now,
The Highest, the Lord of Lords, my Redeemer,
and so I fully abandon myself to You,
my soul and my heart I commit into Your Divine Hands.

Wisdom, My child, is your Teacher and Educator; come, fall into your Abba's Arms for consolation, you will not find better; put your trust in Me, offer Me your sorrows, I make good use of them; come, and let Me be a hiding place for you; I said, "I will watch over you"; I shall not leave the torrents of your persecutors, who in reality are My persecutors, sweep you away, in their turbulent waves; the more they persecute you, My child, all the more I, the Lord, shall raise you and bless you; never forget this;

rely on Me, let your prayers be like incense; allow Me to use you as My bait for the godless; all these sacrifices will not be in vain; remember, My Sacred Heart is your Home;

we? us?

We, us, my Lord.

be good;

(Our Holy Mother's Message for the Prayer meeting.)

peace be with you all; God alone is Wisdom; listen to Wisdom's Voice that calls out to you in this desert, open your ears and recognise His Voice; Jesus is calling you all, one after the other to return to Him, to return to Love and follow Him in His Footprints;

My Son is aware of your weakness and your faults, but you need not worry if you abandon yourselves entirely into His Divine Hands and trust Him; come to Him as you are and offer Him your will; offer Him your love; offer Him your sufferings, your sorrows, your anguishes, your problems; offer Him everything; trust Him, allow Him to lead you into the depths of His Sacred Heart where you will find His Peace; this Peace your soul needs so much;

I want you always to be on your guard against the evil one who encourages trouble, divisions and confusion and more than ever is fighting God's Plan of Salvation; he is deceiving even the elect, confounding them; but, anyone who will call in the Name of the Lord will be heard and saved from falling, but those who will be listening to the evil one's voice, will be failing to recognise the righteousness that comes from God, they will fail to recognise Love's Voice;

remember always that the footsteps of those who bring good news is a welcome sound; pray, beloved children, with your heart, and welcome the Spirit that is now being outpoured on many nations; feel how the days of Love's Return are approaching and that Grace is shed unsparingly upon so many of you;

I will end up My Message by reminding you that you were created out of love for Love, to love your Creator and that everything that was made to exist is made by Him and for Him; so praise Him and give glory to the One Who created you; please Me, your Mother, and meditate Our Messages and live Our Messages;

I bless you all, I bless your families; I, your Holy Mother, love you all;



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