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Ecclesia Will Revive Through Me
New Pentecost

August 9, 1988



I am; dearest soul, how I love you;

Ecclesia will revive through Me; allow Me to manifest Myself through you, My myrrh; fragrance Me, your Lord; I have shown you My Sacred Heart; I have come to you, soul, to teach you My Ways and lead you to the Truth; your generation is seeking the Truth when the Truth is Love; but Love is missing within them, My Name1 means nothing to them, not any longer, yet My Mercy is Great upon those who defile Me;

My creation has abandoned My Ways; they have allowed themselves to be led by blind guides; they have rebelled against My Law, teaching a law that is not Mine; creation! if you only knew how close you are to the Fall! care for one another2 instead of persecuting one another; learn My Ways, Wisdom's Ways; let every action or thought be covered by Love;

flower, I am your Devoted Keeper, so trust Me; I keep you under My Light, nourishing you with My Sap; trust Me your God for I have highly favoured you; I will always be near you embellishing you; I-Am-All-Faithful;

come, we, us? be one with Me;

Thank You, My God.

(I had a glimpse of God's beauty and I felt delighted to be enveloped by God.)

(Later on:)

(Our Holy Mother spoke.)

the struggle is not over; if you only knew how many souls fall every single day into hell! the amount is alarming ...

(I asked who.)

from Cardinals to young children; 3 your era has degenerated; indeed, it has become the dominion of Our adversary; he has expanded his dominion on earth at its fullness; ah Vassula .... God is counting the days, the days where He will pour on you like dew reviving you again into a New and Bountiful Garden; this will be known as the New Pentecost; come and kneel all of you and pray to the Lord for the Glorious Event; pray for this Coming; pray that Love comes back;

I, Vassula, am the Lady of the Rosary;

Holy Mother why do You present Yourself in this way. Is there a special note in Your Message?

yes, all that I have said at Fatima will be accomplished before the end of this era; come, rest now in My Immaculate Heart and Jesus' Sacred Heart; please Jesus by serving Him as you do and loving Him, repairing for those who do not love Us; we, us?

Yes, forever.

1 His Name is Love.
2 The ecclesiastics.
3 Our Holy Mother hesitated and I felt a pang of pain in Her.



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