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Simplicity And Poverty Infatuates Me
Love Suffers

March 23, 1988


I am; Love will prevail; I am Love, have My Peace; fear not, it is I, Jesus; will you come, I am waiting; I will guide you where I guided others too to love Me; beloved, I will take you there; pray, My Vassula; be aware of the snares of the devil, for if My creation will not change or repent...

Lord! How is it that You say 'if'' when many times You say that You will change us and that Your Kingdom will come? I do not understand ...

listen and understand: I have given you the freedom to choose; I, the Lord and Sovereign, the Light, descend upon you, creation; I descend in this thick darkness to offer you My Heart in My Hand, to redeem you and Shine upon you; I come to wash away your countless sins and offences against Me, I come to call you back to Me; I come to unite My Church, I come to remind you to whom I, the Lord, have given the Authority and the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven; I come to teach you all to honour My Mother and to bend your knees for Her, for She is crowned by My Hand and is Queen of Heaven;

creation! beware of the devil, for he is redoubling his efforts to ensnare you and in the meantime pretending he is non-existent so that he manoeuvres without being feared; O creation! he is preparing a large holocaust upon you, O how I cry from My Cross! creation, return to Me!

do not let him ensnare you by denying Me! pray, pray for the return of souls, let every soul learn the prayers I have given you, 1 let them learn those prayers; I love all of you, I love all of you;

daughter, do not weary of coming to Me, kneeling and writing; I am your Saviour, your Spouse, sharing everything with you; come, console Me, I am weary;

O come Lord!

(Jesus seemed weary, His large shoulders slightly curved, sad. I feel the same. I want to please Him. I pray daily that the Pope will accept now His appeal. Hopefully, His Holiness will receive Jesus' message by Friday 25th.)

will you remember My Presence, Vassula?

Yes, Lord Jesus, I will.

us, we!

Yes - us, we, for ever and ever.

(Jesus is today weary and sad.)

peace upon you, soul;

Vassula, I am weary, weary of seeing how love and simplicity are missing; what use are rituals and sacrifices to Me when love is missing among them?

flower, what greater joy than My barefoot disciples? 2 when in their hand they held but a staff guarding My lambs! I love simplicity, simplicity and poverty infatuates Me; My true disciples were barefoot, but rich in spirit;

Vassula, courage; crucified I am, stretched on My Cross by My own; we are sharing My Cross, I and you, you and I; Love suffers ...

1 Those prayers are: "The Memorare of St. Bernard", "Prayer to St. Michael", "Novena of Confidence to the Sacred Heart". I recite these prayers every day before writing. Sometimes twice. (Editor's Note: see May 4, 1988.)
2 Simple, without malice and humble.



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