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Have Him As First   -   Repay Evil With Love

January 31, 1988

Vassula, We are both near you,

(I had, just before, while sitting on the sofa, felt Jesus' robe brush my right arm. He placed His hand on my shoulder. I seemed to feel His Presence vividly again. I got up to write and I felt St. Mary sitting near me.)

the vow I seek from you is fidelity; be faithful to Jesus, have Him as First; be willing to do His Will;

St. Mary, I don't seem to realise yet. I know I don't realise fully all this ...

My child, God has veiled your eyes; accept the way He is working in you; trust Him;

Vassula, I am waiting for you in My Church; 1 all those who will enter My House, I will bless; yes, I will bless all those who will come to Me;

Vassula, do not get discouraged when trials come; keep praying; come to Me, bless those who will persecute you; pray for your oppressors, repay evil with love; in the end My Immaculate Heart will prevail;

at Fatima I had made a grandiose Miracle so that everybody believes, you call it 'Miracle of the Sun'; do you know, flower, that God allowed your spirit to enter It? you have entered His Abode; Vassula, how little you realise the favour God has given you!

Yes St. Mary, I never realise fully, but if this is God's Will I accept things as they are.

yes, never seek why, accept gracefully all that God gives you; obey God's demands with grace; by keeping your eyes veiled He keeps your soul from becoming elated by all the graces He is pouring on you; you have been allowed to enter in His Holiest of Places where millions of seraphs encircle His Throne worshiping Him incessantly; only His Holiest Angels are allowed to enter God's Holy Abode; now you know, daughter, the great favour He has given you;

St. Mary, forgive me for not quite realising.

I will intercede for you;

Thank You, Holy Mother, for helping me.

here is Jesus;

Vassula, I will be present too; 2 I will bless all those who come;

come now, feel Me, rejoice Me, smile at Me; speak up and let Me hear your words; Vassula, seek Me near My Mother, your Holy Mother; We are together; I love you;

1 At Turin.
2 Jesus made me understand, at Turin. In St. Mary's House.



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