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Our Divine Hearts Rend And Lacerate

January 30, 1988

Vassula, I weep for My children who have gone astray;

(St. Mary does weep. She sounds so very sad.)

now Love and Mercy descended among you to feed you once more with His Bread of Integrity and Holiness; Love descends to give you Hope and Peace; I love you all, Vassula;


will you come to Me in My Church of Turin? visit Me often there; will you offer Me your vows of fidelity? daughter, betrothed of My Son, will you offer Me your vows?

Holy Mother, I wish to please Your Immaculate Heart; I will come to You at Turin but in my ignorance I do not know what it implies 'vows of fidelity'. I would offer You anything You wish. Please allow me to know what I will be offering You so that I do not break them in my ignorance.

please My Son furthermore by offering Him all your love and devotion for My Immaculate Heart; please My Son furthermore by offering Him souls so that He redeems them; please Me by offering Me your vows of fidelity; this you will do by following Jesus, be His reflection; be faithful to Him; Vassula, I will pray for you; I will intercede for you;

betrothed of Jesus, both Our Hearts are encircled with a wreath of thorns; My Message at Garabandal was ignored; let My beloved son John Paul come to Me and feel My Immaculate Heart and Jesus' Divine Heart; let him feel how Our Hearts rend and lacerate; They are but one big wound; they have torn the Heart of their God and they have torn My Immaculate Heart of a Mother;

I want you to be praying for all those who will reject you; My child, how you will suffer;

I am willing to suffer for God's Glory.

do not forget that Jesus and I are with you; We will console you, flower; now, I am telling you this, you are not to forward you yourself Jesus' Message to any ecclesiastical authority; Jesus has given you witnesses who are to witness for you;

O St. Mary, so it was wrong what we have done?

yes, Vassula, let your friends read Jesus' Messages, converting them, but do not seek to go yourself and introduce yourself to any ecclesiastical authority; you are to leave this work for your two witnesses; Jesus enlightened them to understand how He works; I will be with them always;

Yes, our Lord has been our refuge from age to age, His constancy is shield and protection; let Your children enjoy your splendour, My God!

My1 message heals and converts lost souls; Vassula, which is the biggest miracle to authenticate My Message?


yes, My Vassula, My priest, now you know too; My greatest miracle, daughter, is Conversion,

in the end, daughter, Our Hearts will prevail;

daughter? 2

Yes, St. Mary.

come to Me in My Church of Turin; will you offer Me your vows then?

I will, St. Mary.

I rejoice seeing you there; tell Ismini too, take your friends along with you too; I will bless them all;

1 That was Jesus.
2 Our Blessed Mother speaks.



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