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Let My Creation Know Of My Great Love

November 10, 1987

My God, may You use me to engrave on me
everything that Your Heart desires.
May Your Will be done and Your Name Glorified.

the time has come to scatter My grains among mankind; forward My Message, I will help you in all your undertakings, let My Words be known, let My creation know of My Great Love, of My boundless Mercy; My reign will be one of Peace, Love and Unity; I have chosen Vassula as an incapable and wretched being, useless and without speech; write this, too; 1 yes, without any basic knowledge of My Church, an empty canvas, where I the Lord was free to cover it with My Works only, so that it is clear that all what is written comes from My Mouth; all acts will be done by Me, through her; I will speak through her, act through her; I have formed her, pouring all My Works on her to enable her to be My bearer for this Message, which will be known;

will you forward My Message? will you do this for Me? remember, it is I, Jesus, Beloved Son of God, Saviour to all mankind, the Word, who blesses you; I bless your undertakings; whether you will encounter joys or sorrows, be confident; I will give you My countenance; I am before you always guiding you; uniting My Church will Glorify Me! I will lead you into the very depths of My Bleeding Body; I will point out to you My thorns, you will recognise them;

have no other interest but My glory, never doubt of My Works, Love shines on you, My well-beloved; endeavour and please Me; come, at your side I Am; have My Peace, 2 let us pray to the Father,

"Righteous One, Beloved Father,
blessed be Your Name,
assemble all Your faithful ones,
let the heavens proclaim Your Righteousness,
let every lip praise Your Holy Name continually,
malice must be banished from the deceivers,
help those whose spirit is crushed,
revive them as Your Word has guaranteed,
the vow I have made I will keep and fulfil,
I pray for Your Churches,
may they all be one, Father,
may they be one in You;

(Jesus helped me to pray. These were His words.)

1 I heard Him say what follows and I looked at Him embarrassed and hesitant.
2 Turning to me, Jesus said this.



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