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Love Will Return To You As Love

October 13, 1987

(I saw Jesus at the door of the bedroom. I knew He was indicating to me to write, like somehow He was waiting.)

I was at the door, come you will work with Me;

(Sometimes Jesus wants to prove to me that my discernment was right.)

I will foretell you what has to come so that from now on those that call themselves wise will believe in My Works and follow Me;

daughter, I will heal many; Love will return to you as Love, fulfilling My Word; in a short time I will prove to you that this comes from Me Vassula; I am the Lord, beloved, to Me you will come; hear Me, I want to remind you what I have asked you a few days ago; let it be known all over, diffuse My words: "I, the Lord, bless My children of Garabandal;" I want them to hear Me; oh Vassula, how I long for this;

Lord Jesus, I will try within my capacity, with the sources You have given me. I am impotent and You are Omnipotent; would You help me, Jesus?

I will help you, remember how I work;

Vassula, let it be known that in a short time I will send you all a sign coming from above, you will understand that it comes from Me, I will shine on you, I love you all;

how I love you all! I love you beyond your understanding; I am your Creator; have I not said that your image I have it carved in the palm of My Hand? how can I ever abandon you?

I'm thinking of the vision You gave me. The punishment that I feared.

I will make you see it again so that it bears a mark on you; 1

Again Lord, help us to avoid it. I know You don't like doing this to us and get no pleasure out of it. Tell me what to do.

Vassula, true; I get no pleasure in punishing you, I wish that My creation returns to Love; tremendous reparations have to be done; amend, those that can amend for others; My creation has to change; daughter, My creation has to learn and believe in My Spiritual Works; My creation will have to accept Me as Omnipotent; My sacerdotal souls must understand how wrong they are denying My Works of today;

Yet there are many who do accept.

there are those who do not and it is to those I speak; I also speak of those who have split My Body; believe Me, daughter, My cup of Justice is full for having torn My Body apart; I will not spare them any longer;

Vassula, allow Me to till you for just some more time, soon I will be collecting My crops; come, beloved;

Lord, may all Your Will be done.



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