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September 4, 1987

(In my private pad Jesus gave me a message which startled me. I got up leaving alone that message. Later on, when I went to write, Jesus repeated that message. I started to fear. My thoughts as once before raced to confusion, asking myself and God, "Why me?" Why has really all this writing started, why do I feel like this, bonded with God? How was I before a year and a half ago, and how I am now. I'm living in the Truth and I feel responsible for all that's happening. I feel I should please God. Then again doubts, doubts which made me test Jesus. I came to him doubting. He knew it. I had in mind to write my own thing controlling my hand myself.)


I am; well? you can try again; 1
write ... write! Love Love Love Love;

(The 3 dots show how I was struggling to write but couldn't, then he wrote "write" and He forced my hand down writing Love four times; while I was struggling to stop my hand.)

I am Love; I will remind you that on your shoulders I have placed My Cross of Peace and Love; up! up! lift! lift! daughter, do you realise why I have brought you up? I have brought you up to unite My Church, altar, have I not said that from the babe's mouth you will hear the truth and not from the wise? I have said that the wise will listen and listen and not understand, see and see again but not perceive, for their hearts have grown coarse; they have closed their ears and shut their eyes;

Vassula, I have raised you from the dead, instructing you with Wisdom; fear not and advance,

(Jesus gave me a vision of myself, facing Him. I felt uncertain. He held my hands and while He was walking backward He was pulling me to walk, advancing.)

O daughter, how I love you! flower, everything you feel comes from Me, advance;

(I felt as if I was doing my first steps and thrilled!)

Vassula, by being timid you infatuate Me; daughter, write down the word:


Vassula when I stirred you from your sleep it was not just to wake you up, it was also to be able to use you, beloved; purifying you was not just to cleanse you, it was so that you feel My Presence and be in My Presence; using you was not just to use you writing My Messages and desires, it was so that I write down My blessings for My little children of Garabandal;

I come to have My Message glorified, altar keep this flame ablaze, by My Power I will restore My Church; love Me, do not falter, lean on Me and rest, I will help you advance; the hour is near, pray with Me,

deliver me in Your arms,
let me rest near you,
sanctify me Father
when You receive me,
forgive my sins as I forgave others
Glory be to God my Father,
I bless You; amen"

September 5, 1987

Vassula do not fear, write the word, Garabandal;

Garabandal is the sequel of other signs; Garabandal's apparitions are authentic, believe all you who have not seen; believe, believe, daughter, I have used you to be able to manifest Myself through you; My Mother had appeared to My chosen souls; out of their mouths, the Truth was said, but many of My sacerdotal souls declared them as uncertain and some of them denied them altogether;

I have manifested Myself through you to lift this doubt of Garabandal; Garabandal's apparitions are authentic and My children have indeed seen My Mother and heard Her Messages; Vassula, a harder trial will come upon you making My Cross heavier on your shoulders and augmenting My Cup of Justice; I have forewarned the world;

My God, very few probably know of this happening.

true, many do not know, because of the doubts and fears My sacerdotal souls bear; by doubting they deny My Heavenly Works, they have forgotten that I am Omnipotent; hardened at heart they have lost their spirituality, blinded they seek without light and without Wisdom;

all My Works have always been given to mere children and never to the learned; My Works appear unorthodox in their eyes, but it is because they compare themselves to Me;

I have, since the beginning of times never abandoned you; 2 Vassula, do you remember the Pharisees?

Yes, Lord.

they at one time accused Me of preaching against Moses' Law; what difference is there today? I have been accused of promiscuity and going against their Law; today's accusations and uncertainty is not far from this; let Me tell you, those who defy revelations, apparitions and Messages, are those who wound Me; they are the thorns of My Body; I have told you some time ago3 that I will lead you with Heavenly Force right into the very depths of My Bleeding Body; I said that I will point out to you with My finger, those who wound Me; I am Jesus Christ, Beloved Son of God; Vassula, fear not, for I am before you;

September 6, 1987


I am; will I ever abandon you? flower, surround Me with wreaths of love; assemble My children around Me, let Me bless them; I, who was waiting for them, I waited for this hour; I come to welcome them and bless them; assemble My beloved ones, My own, My lambs; hug them for Me, caress them for Me, remind them of My Promise; love them, unite them; come nearer to Me, let Me instruct you with Wisdom;

1 Trying to control my hand.
2 He made me understand that the signs given are to remind us of His Presence among us, encouraging us.
3 On the 11th June God told me this same message. He said He would not spare them. At that time I did not know to whom He was referring to.



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