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Do Not Be Like The Cyrenean - Unity

June 17, 1987


You make me aware of my wretchedness and that you approached me in spite of my wickedness and having absolutely no merits for such graces given to me. Comparing the saints, it's obvious. Do You understand then why the 'wave of doubt' comes? Just because of that; because of my unworthiness; remember, You taught me everything from scratch, and remember how I in the beginning denied You, knowing It's You? You see what I mean? When I have the 'wave of doubt' because of the reasons above, I know I'm offending You and hurting You. As You said once, "you hurt Me when you forget who saved you from darkness;". On the other hand my mind almost reels to understand, why You come to a soul like me given a mission of such importance, to someone who had to start from scratch in Scripture, a 150% sinner!

The more Your guidance goes on the more miracles it gives. Total atheists are bent, but You blessed It Lord, so I should not feel surprised. One after another unbeliever returns to You by reading It. People who told me: "You'll NEVER make me read one page of all this, I don't believe in anything but solids, money, business ...", these words ringing still in my ears, and to see now this man keener than his wife (who tried to convince him at first without success) wanting all the editions of Jesus' Guidance, saying that It gives him tremendous peace. I never spoke to him, since I am not good in 'parole'. It just happened: Jesus, of course. You're Wonderful!

it is I, Jesus, beloved Son of God; I have been sending you all these books so that you may believe in My Supernatural Works; I have been feeding you My Bread; never doubt of My Works; I wish you to learn the details of all My graces, so be alert to all new manifestations; all will come from Me;

(The Cross seemed to crush me again. 'The Cross' is the Message of God.)


I am, lift! lift! do not fall, I am near you to help you; lift My Cross, do not be like the Cyrenean; be willing; come, beloved, the way may be rough but I am always near you, sharing My Cross; Vassula, look at Me!

(I looked at Him. There He was holding the corner of the wall, in a most pitiful manner. He was wearing His Crown of Thorns and had on Him a cloth (half naked) soaked with Blood. He was covered with Sweat and Blood all over, more Blood than Flesh ... fresh from scourging.)

do I deserve this?

NO! My God!

honour Me daughter;

Who has done this to You Lord?

who? Souls, Vassula, it is them; replica of Sodom, replica means copy;

(Later on:)

daughter, I desire unity in My Church! unity!!

(Jesus was insistent and loudly He said these words.)



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