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I Have Called For Penance, For Acts Of Reparation, For Prayers

January 10, 2003

The Grace of the Holy Spirit is given to us daily;
yes, there is a long journey in front of us
to reach our goal and be reunited with the angels;

but are we not daily sated with Divine Love?
can anybody say that we were not called
to become gods by participation?

can anyone deny of having heard our Bridegroom invite us
to enter the wedding chamber of His Heart?
Have you not been invited to this wedding
and sated with the mystic cup?

can you really say to God,
that you have not received ineffable blessings,
blessings that transcend any glory?

can you say to the Bridegroom,
"I have not been invited to this mystic union with You?"

He brought back the exiles, so why would He forget you?
come and receive Him so that you may say:
"Look, I am at the service of God ..."

I mean to sing to you, Paraskevi, and tell you that your innocence delights Me ...

as for your time of service, it is not over yet; there is much left to atone for, and much to work on; enough work in dressing the wounds on My Mystical Body; there is much ground to cover yet in front of you and set alight by My Fire, in order to plant the seeds of peace, love and reconciliation; there is much left unattended ... so do not weary yourself; fix your gaze on Me and sparkle when I am present!

be of good cheer because ecclesia will revive; this is My solemn promise; clouds may be covering Her now, but My powerful Hand is on Her, constantly blessing Her; the whole purpose of these Odes is to revive My Church and draw My people in Her; I am He who often said: "let Her be inhabited by My Spirit;" I promise you, Paraskevi, that even remote exiles from distant lands, I will bring to fill My Church; even those with no identity, in some hidden corner, I will find them and draw them all in where the Holy Spirit dwells, for they too are My children; no one will remain behind; these prodigies weigh out gold and silver, for these are the signs of My presence among you;

But look at the world of today.

I have put in your mouth Odes coming from the highest heaven and have sung to you all My Hymn; I am proving to you all that I am your Saviour; I have called for penance, for acts of reparation, for prayers; have I not been instructing you all to lead a virtuous life? have I not been showing you all My Mercy and My boundless Goodness all these years? it is written:

"think of God's marvels, the astounding things He has done in the world; all over the world He puts an end to wars ..." 1 see? I do not need your works, brothers, I need your love, and you My sisters as well, I need your love as an act of reparation; I have brought you a message of peace and I have shown My Kindness, even to those who did not deserve it, but the world is deaf; the soil, Vassula, this soil that the world has cultivated will soon give its impudent harvest ... ic;



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