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True Theology, That Is The Contemplation To Me Your God
How To Discern The Spirits

August 7, 2002

1 I have exiled you not only from the land of Egypt where you first saw the light, but from the entire earth; I have exiled you so that you have roots only in Me; I have been teaching you in My Heavenly Courts with Holy Wisdom and not like those who buttress their teaching by quotation from the Scriptures and Tradition, babbling My divine Words with their lips only ...

I have been, in an ineffable way, revealing to you My fathomless Mercy and My exuberant Love that are neglected to be taught and expressed in My assemblies as I wish; for the sake of My Holy Name I withheld My Hand from falling upon this evil generation; for the sake of My honour I keep curbing My anger ...

ah Vassula! I have been pouring out like never before in history the power of My Holy Spirit; I set knowledge before you in such a way to reach even the uninstructed; Mercy and wrath alike belong to the Lord it is written and according to My judgment I allow free play to My Mercy;

My Holy Spirit repetitively uttered sayings to all of you sweeter than honey even than honey that drips from the comb; I have been perfuming all the cosmos anointing all My creation; I have been allowing everyone who wished to know Me, approach Me and inhale from My Mouth the graces they need to keep their soul tranquil and their heart grafted on Me and My Law ...

who could give any soul such tranquillity and freedom, other than My Holy Spirit? who could lift your soul in the Divine other than My benevolence and the ineffable condescension of My Love?

I have been teaching you all and reminding you what I have always said: that I am not only Sovereign Master of your soul, but your Friend as well, giving you access in My Courts to walk in and out, expressing yourself and giving Me your opinion, even to be ruling with Me; by grace I have lifted you to be a child by grace as the Word is Son by nature ...

can you, who are reading Me, say "I have learned how to possess God, He who fathered me and made Himself known to me without ever losing His transcendence? He who encompasses all beings filling all things with His Luminous Light without being contained by their limits, possesses me as well and has ordered all things within me to be according to His Divine Will?" everything, yes, everything that comes from Me, revolves around Divine Love;

as I said before, one has to receive an inestimable grace to pronounce these words; if you are unable to pronounce these words put behind you everything and come to Me now and repent! then allow the Holy Spirit to descend on you and invade you with His Light turning your soul into a Cathedral ...

oh then, how He will, with delight, provide you! He will found in you the Foundation I had been teaching you about: the true theology, that is the contemplation to Me your God; enraptured thus in this contemplation your soul will soar in the heights contemplating Me your God in depth; My Reign then begins in you; then, step by step, the Holy Spirit while blowing on you His Breath of transfiguration revealing to your spirit Divine realities through Wisdom Herself; He will be revealing to you all that your philosophers and sages till this day call foolish and nonsense; you will understand and perceive with the Light of the Holy Spirit the sublimity of My Love, the Divine enrichments I can provide your soul with and all that you can benefit from them; I will be sanctifying you while We will be dwelling in you and you in Us; as Scriptures say: "make your home in Me, as I make Mine in you;" you will become part of the True Vine; 2

yes! I will be granting you the grace of Myself within your soul; enamoured, I, your God, am of you; enamoured to the point that, in spite of your weaknesses I can dwell well within you; the more you will be contemplating My Triune Holiness, the more you would be understanding Me; the more you would be knowing Me and all the more I would be reflecting My Image in you;

then, from Heaven, from My Angels and Princes of the highest ranks a loud, melodious voice will be heard; together in one voice they will hymn to the Hymn, 3 praises: "God's mystery is being revealed once more, revealing His Imperishable Light thrice Holy, imprinting His Image on the well-beloved soul He has chosen, to grant the grace of Himself; oh what benefits lie ahead for this soul! praise and glory for our Lord and God!"

Amen ...
See what God is offering us?
Listen then to His Instructions
and do not ignore them ...

the poorest will exult in My sayings, and the lowly will be lifted; your salvation lies in conversion and tranquillity; come back to Me; I am only waiting to be gracious to you ...

(Later on Jesus speaks:)

Vassula, Scriptures say: "peacemakers, when they work for peace, sow the seeds which will bear fruit in holiness;" 4

I have been teaching you with authority and majesty so as to raise you to be able to express My Words as I wish, My Words bring peace and love and hope in one's heart; I bring to reconciliation through repentance;

anyone who wreaks havoc in anyone's heart does not come from Me; by this I mean that anyone who declares they have prophecies that prophesy plague and disasters only, these do not come from Me; but anyone who prophesies My warnings, peace and repentance and his word comes true are to be recognised as one truly sent by Me; yes, indeed, anyone who prophesies encouragement, consolation and improves the community, know that he is truly sent by Me;

I have been warning you not to take anyone by merely his words or believe just anyone who claims he has words coming from Me, even if he performs miracles and prodigies, such as raising one from the dead; but turn an ear to those who do not elicit discussions that contradict the mysteries of faith, for the grace of the Holy Spirit given to My chosen ones will overwhelm with joy those who will listen to them; their words will lift their soul, bringing them close to My angels and saints; their words which are in reality My Words, will turn you into Cathedrals; My Words not only have authority and power but they burn putting aflame your soul and enlightening your spirit at the same time;

above all, the divine realities revealed to you through My chosen souls, will be expressed on the basis of Scriptures and Tradition and nothing else; how will you know I am speaking? you will know by the sound Knowledge you obtain; and you, who were completely dead and lying putrefying in the valley of death, in your awakening you will realise who lifted you by grace; the world you are living in now, My child, is evil, to say the least, increasing by the day in sin, so am I not to be concerned?

when in your days I am speaking and the shepherds are not listening and do not believe I am intervening, they are as Scriptures say: "our watchmen are blind, they notice nothing ... they all go their own way, each after his own interest ..." My Church will always increase through the Holy Spirit and will never decrease; She will always be renewed despite of all the venomous arrows that will be aimed on Her; those same venomous arrows are also used to aim on those I am sending you;

the whole world is decaying in its evil and its apostasy, transgressing not only My Law but all that is Holy; why then is anyone surprised when the grace of the Holy Spirit increases? alas! what condemnation will be given to those whose evil hearts harassed My chosen souls! they will not inherit My Kingdom unless I hear from their lips a word of repentance ...

Vassula, together with Me you will work in silence5 to enlighten dark valleys; everything that the Holy Spirit will give you to write will be for this and other generations' instruction and whosoever opposes you in the mission I have given you, will be opposing the work of My Spirit; announce everything I say that leads everyone who hears My Word into a new being, and do not pay attention6 to those who say: "if you are sent by God and if those words you say come from God, prove your humility by hiding yourself and all those sayings; stop parading yourself and the sayings around the world;"

to these people answer the following: "I am not going to be like the wicked servant who hid his talent and then was condemned for having done nothing; on the contrary, I will multiply my talent and give glory to the One who entrusted it to me; I will pass on, not only to this generation this prodigious wonder, 7 but the angels will carry the words of God and will continue spreading them like a rain of seeds thrown from above to all future generations, to renew God's creation and embellish the Church; to sweeten the mouths of His children and open their mouths to praise Him; to open their eyes and enable them to examine their hearts; I am sealed by our Lord's Divine Name all over me and I do not fear; I am His loud book declaring the same Truths our Lord has passed on to us; so, nothing is new, I have nothing new that is of my own, brothers, but all that is said to me comes from Divine Knowledge and from the Mouth of the Triune God;" this is what you are to tell them in My Name;

contemplate Me in depth, My beloved, and rest on My Heart ...

1 The Father speaks.
2 Jesus Christ.
3 God.
5 Meaning in this written form that bears no exterior sound ...
6 In other words 'do not get upset'.
7 The Messages of TLIG.



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