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 List of Suppliers

My Angel Daniel

The beginning of True Life in God

My Angel Daniel
- Early dawn of True Life in God
Original Handwriting Edition (Photographic reproduction of the original mmanuscript)

List of Suppliers

 Bulgarian  (BG)


C/O TLIG Bulgaria
Venia P.o.box 3002, 19004 Spata, Greece
Tel : 0030-6945-291840
E-mail : ilektra_arabatzi@yahoo.gr ilektra_arabatzi@yahoo.gr


List of Suppliers

 Danish  (DA)

Min Engel Daniel
Danish - 2003

List of Suppliers

 German  (DE)

Mein Engel Daniel
Vassula Ryden

D-79798 Jestetten, Deutschland, Germany
Tel : ++4977 4592 9830
Fax : ++4977 4592 9859
E-mail : info@miriam-verlag.de


List of Suppliers

 Greek  (EL)

O AggeloV mou Danihl

Ekdoseis "Alithini en Theo Zoe"
Paraggelies Biblion: Niki Giannoutsikos, Greece
Tel : ++30 210 9833121 ++30 6944786526
E-mail : greece@tlig.org

List of Suppliers

 Spanish  (ES)

Mi Angel Daniel
El Despertar de La Verdadera Vida en Dios

La Verdadera Vida en Dios Difusión : LA VERDADERA VIDA EN DIOS
APARTADO 246, E-34080 - PALENCIA, Spain
Tel : ++34 979 725 616 ++34 979 725 616
Fax : ++34 979 725 616
E-mail : sromanta@teleline.es


List of Suppliers

 French  (FR)

Mon Ange Daniel
Les débuts de La vraie vie en Dieu
La toute première expérience d'intervention surnaturelle dans la vie de Vassula Rydén est venue de son ange gardien. Ce livre rapporte chronologiquement les dialogues qu'elle a eus avec lui.

List of Suppliers

 Italian  (IT)

Daniele, il mio angelo
Gli inizi de La Vera Vita in Dio

Associazione de "La Vera Vita in Dio"
Il libro non ha costo, è gradita un’offerta per il costo di stampa.
Beneficiario: La Vera Vita in Dio onlus
Banca Popolare di Milano
Iban: IT58M0503403259000000001801
, Tel : +39 339 715 74 60
E-mail : tlig.italia@iol.it


List of Suppliers

 Japanese  (JA)


List of Suppliers

 Dutch  (NL)

Mijn Engel Daniël
Het eerste begin van "Het Ware Leven in God"

Stichting "Het Ware Leven in God"
E-mail : nl@tlig.org


List of Suppliers

 Malayalam  (ML)


Prof. C.J.
St. Thomas College, Pala, Palai, Kottayam Dt.,, Kerala 686 574, India
Tel : 00 91 4822 211 533
Fax : ++914 8221 6313
E-mail : professorjohnkachirayil@hotmail.com

List of Suppliers

 Portuguese  (PT)

O meu Anjo Daniel

Edições Boa Nova,
Rua do Convento, 437 , PT-4770-463 Requião, Portugal
Tel : ++351 252 375 165
Fax : ++351 252 311 594
E-mail : edicoesboanova@oninet.pt


List of Suppliers

 Romanian  (RO)

Îngerul meu Daniel

Editura Arhetip-RS - Renasterea Spirituala
CP 69 OP 77 Bucuresti, sector 3 cod 74300, BUCURESTI, Romania
E-mail : arhetip13@angelfire.com

Joseph Guigou
7 Place Carnot,F-69002 Lyon, France
Tel : ++33 4 78 37 40 23
Fax : ++33 4 78 37 40 23

List of Suppliers

 Swedish  (SV)

Min Ängel Daniel,
Den allra första början av Sant Liv i Gud

Den ekumeniska föreningen Sant Liv I Gud


List of Suppliers

Heaven is Real, but so is Hell
My Angel Daniel
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Heaven is Real, but so is Hell
Vassula Ryden write an eyewitness account of what is to come

The Work of True Life in God. Volumes 1 -12 in various languages.

My Angel Daniel
The beginning of True Life in God

Prayer Books & Extracts
Prayers and extracts taken from the Messages and published.

Theological studies
Scholars, Theologians and other authorities write about True Life in God and Vassula.

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Two New Messages
Vassula has recently released two additional messages from Our Lord for publication

A letter From Vassula About This Year's Pilgrimage in Greece

The 12th True Life in God Pilgrimage! Ecumenical Pilgrimage in Greece
"Discovering the Country of Saints" October 26-November 3, 2019


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