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Vassula in Dublin - Ireland 2019

April 3-7, 2019

(Message for Ireland:)

“Beloved children, I give you My Peace;
the wold is alling into decay, but I have ot forgotten you;
I am visiting you in your distress to help each one of you reach your Room in Heaven; you are Mine and you are all very precious to Me; I am the Light of the world, so do not fear, I ask you to pray for those who have hardened their heart and do not believe in the Truth; never cease your prayers; I, the Lord, have passed through your cities, Ireland, and although at the moment you do not know the Plans I have designed for you; 
- remain in My Divine Love and you shall feel strong,
- remain in My Sacred Heart and you shall prosper,
- remain in My favour by your constancy and faith,
- remain in Me, and you shall live;
I, the Lord, bless each one of you leaving the Sigh of My Love on your forehead; remember: Love loves you;”

   (True Life in God Messages, November 22, 1991-Cork)

It was such a joy to receive confirmation that Vassula would come to Ireland in April 2019!  We were delighted to hear that Jesus chose Fr. Petr Simara, from the Czech Republic, to accompany Vassula.  We booked a large venue for Vassula’s public talk and our event planning started. We knew from experience that planning this visit would be a challenge and lots of hard work! So we entrusted the whole event to Jesus and our Blessed Mother, enwrapped everything in prayer.  We remembered Jesus’ words: “...do your best and I will do the rest!”(TLIG Messages, September 17, 1992Over and over again, He showed and reminded us that  Vassula’s visit to our island of Ireland was His work and that He would take care of it in every detail... all was taken care of in peace and order, and when obstacles arose Jesus carried us through - His Presence was palpable every step of the way... We recalled Jesus words given in Belfast in 1991: 

...I, the Lord shall place My Hand on this country and I shall make them feel My Presence, those that have ears let them hear; (TLIG Messages, March 10, 1991)           

Vassula, In Dublin 2019

Our organizing team was truly inspired and guided by Jesus… He chose our roles and work detail, according to each person’s gifts and capacity – gifts that He has given!  And together we were a joyful, co-ordinated and united team… We did our best and He truly and faithfully did the rest.

We remember how Jesus referred to our Irish border in a message:“your land is parcelled by a measuring line…” (TLIG Messages, Nov. 14, 1991) 

We see a real echo of Jesus’ words in the naming of the Northern Ireland Assembly (the devolved legislature of Northern Ireland) – Jesus said in the above 1991 message: “listen, Ireland, disperse no more, assemble, assemble all in one;(TLIG Messages, November 14, 1991) The Northern Assembly was created under the 1998 Good Friday Agreement - a major breakthrough and development in the Northern Ireland Peace Process - effectively bringing an end to thirty years of violent conflict. Agreement was finally reached on Good Friday 1998, reflecting Jesus’ presence we are sure – bringing two opposing sides together in an agreement for peace – on Good Friday!  He is faithful and true, even in seemingly impossible situations of deep, intractable historic conflict and division.

We got to work, getting the word out!  Advertisements were placed in newspapers – secular and religious. Our True Life in God mission files and flyers were distributed far and wide.  A taxi driver friend, who regularly distributes True Life in God flyers to his passengers, was now busy giving all passengers flyers for Vassula’s talk!  So many of the people who came to the talk told us that the image of Jesus drew them in, along with the line: “...tell them that the God they have forgotten has never forgotten them;” (TLIG Messages, May 27, 1993); this quote deeply touched many people.

“...walk with Me and allow Me to use you and send you from nation to nation to tell them that the God they have forgotten has never forgotten them; remind them that the heart of the Lord is Mercy; yes, tell them that I am gentle and humble of Heart; Jesus is My Name;” (TLIG Messages, May 27, 1993)

Sadly, despite our exhaustive efforts towards reaching out to media - newspapers/ radio/ TV etc., no-one expressed an interest in interviewing Vassula. We were disappointed, yet recognized that this simply reflects today’s world – with little or no interest in things heavenly.  As ever, word of mouth proved effective in informing people of Vassula’s public talk. The title of Vassula’s book Heaven is Real but So is Hell really struck a chord with people (both religious/ non-religious) as we distributed flyers.  A lot of people were interested to know that Ireland’s leading exorcist priest included Vassula/ True Life in God in his 2018 book: Prophecy: Truth for Today, Light for Tomorrow (Fr. Pat Collins, C.M.).

April 3rd 2019

What a joy it was to welcome Vassula at the Dublin Airport!  She emerged serenely into the busy, bustling Arrivals Hall accompanied by Fr. Petr and Dimitris, our Greek True Life in God friend who lives here!  It was really special to welcome Vassula to Ireland after many years.  As we drove convoy in a couple of cars in the crazy rush hour Dublin traffic, the perfect song was playing on the radio:  Break Open the Sky! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8_VDBEskrI

The lead car with Vassula and Fr. Petr moved through the traffic, the passengers chatting like old friends. We knew that Vassula’s testimony would be like refreshing dew for our country – a very changed place since she last visited. The true reality of Vassula moving through our busy city traffic struck us as so amazing an event – Jesus sending Vassula, His prophet for these end of times, to our country… What an event! It was awesome; in the true sense of the word. If people could actually grasp the truly amazing, supernatural reality what is happening in our days, there would have been a mega-pile-up on the surrounding spaghetti junction of motorways!!  We prayed and asked Jesus to please ‘Break open the Sky’ to allow heaven to reach down and touch all our human hearts…and to let those who have ears hear…

Vassula surprised and delighted us when she mentioned that she and Fr. Petr would like to visit Knock (where Our Lady appeared on August 21st 1879 https://www.knockshrine.ie) We thought that with all the travelling she undertakes for Jesus this would be way too far of a jaunt for just a day trip! But Vassula simply smiled and said “People often ask me: ‘Aren’t you tired of travelling?’ How can one be tired with the Lord! He’s coming with me all the time… and with all of us - we are never alone!” So a trip to Knock was scheduled.  Both Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis visited Knock when they came to Ireland. While chatting over dinner that evening, Vassula spoke of the early days of her mission when she had a vision of Padre Pio and St. Francis; they encouraged her in the True Life in God mission which Jesus was entrusting to her.  She also spoke with such a majestic voice, reminding us that we are all sons and daughters of the King of Kings and to never let the evil one try to drag us down…

“sons! and daughters! you are the offspring of the Most High! you descend from Sovereignty and Splendour, oh come! you belong to Us! 3 you belong to Heaven ....you are of Royal descent, so why, why do you listen to the Beast? you are blessed in Our Image, not of the Beast's! you are all meant to walk in the courts of the house of the Mighty One, so, allow Me to clothe you in My Splendour; open your heart and I shall save you!”(TLIG Messages, July 22, 1994)

We had a relaxing dinner, chatting about many things…Vassula thanked us for inviting her to Dublin, acknowledging that there’s a lot of hard work involved in organizing such an event.  We remembered how Vassula once explained this special closeness and bond of friendship we feel when gathered with our True Life in God friends – explaining that it is because our bond is in Him (in Jesus) that we truly feel like a family.

April 4th 2019

The day began with Mass in the local Church, Our Lady Mother of the Church, Castleknock, concelebrated by the two local priests and Fr. Petr.  After Mass, Vassula met with the priests before we drove to Phoenix Park: the largest enclosed public park of any capital city in Europe. http://phoenixpark.ie  Pope John Paul II celebrated Mass here in 1979; more than a million people gathered for this Papal Mass in Dublin’s Phoenix Park, believed to be the largest gathering of Irish people in history. We visited the Papal Cross which was erected in the park to mark this first ever Papal visit to Ireland.  Arás an Uachtarán: - the president of Ireland’s residence and several other notable institutions are also in the park.

A gathering with clergy was scheduled for that afternoon, and Vassula, Fr. Petr and some of our True Life in God team met with the group of priests who came along.   The meeting was to last one hour, but it continued for two and a half hours, touching on many topics:. Vassula spoke about how God called her, entrusting her with the mission of True Life in God to spread His saving Messages all around the world.  She spoke of Jesus’ great desire for Unity and the unification of the Dates of Easter.  She explained the meaning of the three iron bars that Jesus spoke of in His Message.

“My Vassula, draw three iron bars with a head on the top these represent the Roman Catholics, the Orthodox and the Protestants, I want them to bend and unite, but these iron bars are still very stiff and cannot bend on their own, so I shall have to come to them with My Fire and with the power of My Flame upon them they shall turn soft to bend and mould into one solid iron bar, and My Glory will fill the whole earth;” (TLIG Messages, October 26, 1989)

She spoke also of the Prophecies and Warnings video; this video has touched the hearts of many people and is a remedy for our times - especially for the younger generation. Fr. Petr gave his testimony, sharing how the True Life In God Messages touched him profoundly; he now shares the messages with such love and joy in his heart.  One of the young priests who came told us that he had been reading the True Life in God Messages for many years – since he was young – as his mother had the True Life in God message books at home! The priests were very pleased to receive some True Life in God books, including Fr. Iannuzzi’s recently published book A Theological Review of the True Life in God Ecclesiastically Approved Prophetic Revelations.(2018). One of the priests, who later discovered that he had mislaid the notes he had taken at the meeting, was bereft – such was the importance of what he had heard that afternoon.  After the meeting, Fr. Suresh (photo above), an Indian priest, strikingly commented: “I am touched by the life of mystic Vassula. I felt flesh and blood is speaking with Spirit. Vassula is definitely a bridge between God and people, we are blessed people to meet her… and I know in my heart I am standing with a Saint.

April 5th 2019

A group of True Life in God volunteers made the three and a half hour journey to Knock by car with Vassula and Fr. Petr.  As we drove, we prayed the Rosary and other prayers, and sang hymns together until we reached Knock.  Vassula admired the many daffodils we viewed along the road – not something you usually see in Greece! We later remembered how Jesus once likened Vassula to a little daffodil: “I was embracing in My Arms a little daffodil;” (TLIG Messages, January 7, 2002).   We arrived at Knock Shrine just in time for the 12:00 noon Mass at Knock Parish Church, which Fr. Petr concelebrated with the priests there. It was a quiet day of prayer and reflection. We visited the Apparition Chapel after Mass where Our Lady, St. Joseph, St. John the Evangelist, a Lamb and a Cross on an altar appeared on the gable wall of the church on August 21st 1879.  It was a silent apparition. The fifteen witnesses watched the apparition in heavy rain for two hours, reciting the Rosary.

During our journey back to Dublin from Knock, Vassula spoke of Contemplative Prayer and of the importance of meditating between each of the Mysteries.  She reminded us of the need for quiet time to meditate after praying and to not rush to say more prayers.  She said we need to reach God in silence and contemplation.  This later struck us as the perfect piece of wisdom to be absorbing en route home from a visit to Knock - as the apparition at Knock was famously a silent apparition… Jesus in the True Life in God Messages also reminds us to find Him ‘in silence’…

"so be active when I want you active and among crowds, but now pass your time with Me in a holy contemplation resting in Me, abandoning yourself to My good pleasure; do not think that you will be less fruitful; come enter into the Divine joy of your Saviour;” (TLIG Messages, October 15, 1998)

Knock Church – Apparition Site

I Am; lean on Me I am your support and strength; yes, indeed, My Vassula, Silence is the most efficacious prayer of all; meet Me in My Silence; let your spirit be drawn towards Me and be absorbed in Me, in My Silence;’ (TLIG Messages, March 9, 1991)

We walked into the souvenir shops and Vassula spoke with one of the shop owners who appeared very interested to hear about the True Life in God Messages, amazed at how many years Vassula has been witnessing.  She took some True Life in God flyers and information, eager to share with visiting Filipinos whom she knew, who were travelling to Dublin.

Back in Dublin that evening, we went to work setting up the meeting hall and bookstands etc.  Vassula amazed us all with her energy level and stamina after a long day… a seven hour road trip! She was right there with us checking out the venue/ bookstands/ prints of paintings etc.

The venue was large –we truly felt that Jesus guided our choice of venue. We trusted that if we did our best that He would bring the people to listen to His Love Hymn. Everyone was invited to come and listen – people of all faiths and those with none… Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists… special invitations were also sent to the hierarchy and leaders of the many different faiths. Those people who came to our many True Life in God witnessing talks that took place around the country over the last years were excited and delighted to hear that Vassula was coming to speak in Dublin. Our good friend Carol Chamberlain (True Life in God Scotland) arrived in Dublin that evening and a wonderful True Life in God reunion ensued!

April 6th 2019

We attended morning Mass at St. Philip the Apostle Church, Mountview Parish, Castleknock. The Mass was concelebrated by Fr. George and Fr. Petr. Near the end of the Mass, Fr. George welcomed Vassula and our group, and asked about her visit. He invited her to the altar to speak about the True Life in God mission and her meeting that afternoon. Vassula spoke to the congregation and invited everyone to come and listen to what Jesus is saying to each one of us today through the True Life in God Messages … People listened intently as she spoke.  We distributed the last flyers into eager hands… Fr. George and quite a few of those present came to listen that afternoon.

(Picture)Vassula spoke to the congregation after Mass

People started to arrive as early as 12:30 pm to be sure they got a seat. All was in place – as the flowers arrived onstage, we thought of our florist friend Bernie, who was delighted to organise the flowers. She had been suffering for a few weeks with a lot of pain in her joints, and her hands were inflamed and swollen, but this did not stop her from doing the flower arrangements.  After having finished work on the flowers, she rang to say she had no longer had any pain in her body, and that all the swelling/inflammation on her hands had gone the day she began making the flower arrangements…Praise Jesus!

By 2:00 pm the large conference hall was pretty full with approx 450 people. We were pleased to see a good few priests in the crowd.  A good number of people had travelled from the UK to hear Vassula speak. Our True Life in God singer Natalie sang St. Patrick’s Hymn ‘Christ Be Beside Me‘ as the hall filled-up and was singing ‘Our Lady of Knock – Queen of Ireland’ as Vassula arrived into the hall with Fr. Petr.  The sense of hope, joy, love and expectancy of all present was palpable. Vassula was welcomed and we all stood to sing the Our Father in Aramaic, led by Jan. Then, followed the True Life in God introductory video, in which Vassula speaks of the early dawn of True Life in God…People were totally engaged while watching this.  Fr. Petr then introduced Vassula and the True Life in God worldwide mission.

           (Picture)Fr. Petr introduced Vassula

(Picture)Vassula stepped onto the stage with a smile, pleased to see such a large crowd of people…

The joyful anticipation of those gathered to hear Vassula speak was wonderful.  People listened intently to every word as Vassula spoke. She spoke of meeting Fr. Michael O’Carroll, CSSp., Dean of Blackrock College – an eminent theologian and prolific author – on her first visit to Ireland. He travelled widely with her on her worldwide mission and wrote two books about Vassula/ True Life in God. The True Life in God message has now reached 86 countries.  It is a message of hope. Vassula explained that God is speaking to us in our days because our world is not in a good state – we all know it!  So He comes as a father – a worried, anxious father - to reprimand us and to remind us of our true foundations.  He reprimands with love, lifting our souls and giving us hope…that is how we recognize that it is God speaking…

The message of True Life in God is for everyone – Jesus tells us to replace Vassula’s name with our own name as we read the messages. She told the rapt audience: “You’ll feel God speaking to you in your heart – this message is for every creature. We have many testimonies of how lives have been changed through this message.” She spoke at length about the love of God. People listened in genuine awe as Vassula told us how Jesus’ love for us is so ineffably great that He cannot remain silent - His great love compels Him to rush to us to warn us that His Return is imminent.  And He sends our Blessed Mother all over the world to prepare His way and to bring us back to God before it is too late… She then spoke about Repentance. Our world today has become de-Christianized.  If today the world suffers from so many evils, it is because the world does not repent and because ‘Love is missing’.  We thought of the message we saw displayed on the airport church spire as we went to meet Vassula: “God is Love”.  We are living in a time of Grace and Mercy – God is calling us all to repent. Vassula highlighted the importance of the powerful Prayer of Repentance and Deliverance (given to her by Jesus for our Times) as she explained that we often do not know how to repent.

She went on to speak about: Prayer - How to Pray - Prayer from the heart; The Great Apostasy; Signs of the Times; Warnings given by the Holy Trinity and Our Lady for our world today; Dying to oneself and one’s will; Knowing God’s Will; The imminence of His Return; Humility and Love; The Fear of the Lord; God’s Omnipresence: The We – Us meditation: we are never alone… ; The Fruit of Repentance – the Gift of Love; Confession; Judgement Day; Wisdom; The Unceasing Prayer;  To serve others is to serve God; To love is to live in God;  and finally, the theme of  the Unity of the Churches…

Vassula continued by telling us that many people in our world today have lost the sense of the reality that God is indeed omnipresent and reachable. You can reach God. He’s not far… but when someone intellectualizes God, one cannot become intimate with Him. God isn’t a complicated God, and above all He is reachable and meek; He can easily be touched because He is so tender and sensitive… He says:

"...My Father is a King, yet so motherly, a Judge, yet so tender and loving, the Alpha and the Omega, yet so meek;" (TLIG Messages, August 10, 1994)

Vassula told us that we should take these lines aove and meditate on them... God tells us that with "oil o gladness" He anoints all those who come to Him, seling them on their foreheads. He tells uus His approach is redemption, saving help and mercy. If today the world suers from so many evils it is because the world doen not repent, ad mainly because love is missing. The fruit of repentance is love... Love is to live in the Truth. The more perfect your love, the more your life is holy. We need to be humble, meek, forgiving and filled with love.

“love is above all; to love is to do My Will;it is your entry key to My Kingdom in heaven;” (TLIG Messages, February 25, 1998)

As Vassula spoke about love, people really leaned-in to listen attentively - especially when she mentioned Judgement Day…! She said: “The Lord said: In the end, on Judgement Day, we shall all be judged according to the measure of love we have had here on earth. It will be put on a scale – what we did that was evil and what we did that was good.  And what we think we did that was good – even if it is a very small thing, like helping someone cross a road, in God’s eyes it becomes great – so big!  And likewise with sin, small sins, like a white lie, that little white lie becomes an ugly big monster in front of God – because everything becomes big in God’s eyes. So we have to be careful what we do. Then, speaking of her autobiographical book, Heaven is Real but So is Hell, Vassula shared how she writes therein about the spiritual battle that is taking place right now in our days…

Vassula read a last message:

“if you only knew how I am ready to forgive your era's crimes by just one kind look at Me, a moment's regret, a sigh of hesitation, a slight reconsideration; a smile at My Holy Face and I shall forgive and forget, I shall not even look at My Wounds; I will efface from My sight all your iniquities and sins had you one mere moment of regret, and all Heaven would celebrate at your gesture, for your smile and your kind look will be received like incense by Me, and that slight moment of regret will be heard like a new song by Me;”      (TLIG Messages August 29,1989)

When Vassula then said with a smile: “It is done…” people were so surprised and visibly disappointed that the talk was now finished!  They were not ready for her to stop and could have gone on listening for ages… She explained that it is not possible to include everything in just an hour and a half, as the Message of True Life in God is so rich and so vast, and covers so many topics.  She spoke about Unity and about the unique Ecumenical True Life in God Pilgrimages – announcing the October Pilgrimage to Greece with a smile, inviting everyone present to join her there!

After a short break and announcements, Vassula spoke about entrusting and consecrating our families to Our Lady, sharing how Our Lady helped her son with schoolwork while she was travelling for Jesus. Vassula then invited everyone to stand and pray together the Prayer of Healing and Deliverance. This prayer was prayed fervently from the heart with great sincerity by all present… the words resounded loudly through the hall as everyone prayed together - united and one. Before leaving, Vassula told us she would pray for us, our families and our intentions, and requested that we please pray for her, her family and for her mission.

People were visibly touched as they moved eagerly to the bookstands - spiritually hungry to know more of God’s messages for us…They were happy to find books, DVDs, prints of Vassula’s paintings, magazines etc. The many books available – all ‘on donation’ – were eagerly sought out, and people left the hall clutching their books – the ‘Treasure’ - they had discovered that afternoon… Natalie sang ‘City of God’ (Arise from your Slumber, Awake from your Sleep…)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zRAUH8yBcQ A perfect hymn for all who had just heard God’s messages for our times!  The camera man recording the talk was very touched when offered a copy of Heaven is Real, and accepted it gratefully.

The Bookstand was busy…

Following the talk, Vassula spoke quietly with a father whose twenty-one year old son had very recently been killed in a tragic accident abroad. In speaking so very compassionately with him, Vassula said, among other things “It is a big cross… We don’t know why – but we will one day… ” And she went on to tell us the story of a man who came to a gathering in which she was at one time in Switzerland…the man was crying and tearful; someone quietly explained to Vassula that this man’s daughter had died – that his daughter was dead. On hearing this as she approached the man; Vassula immediately felt that Jesus was going to speak through her, and Jesus’ words (through Vassula) to this man were: “Your daughter is not dead – She is more alive than you are… ” This was a striking and powerful message – bringing such hope, and reminding us of the true reality of our lives. Amid the devastating shock and utter heartbreak of losing his child – hearing this story was a gift of hope and love for this heartbroken father who came to listen to Vassula in Dublin. We were deeply moved by this. There were so many moments of deep learning with Vassula during her visit here…many lives were touched.

Some priests who came to listen: Fr. Ciarán and his mother and  Fr. Declan

Fr. Colm and friends 

Our TLIG Singer Natalie…

Some of the people who came to listen…

Four generations…       

A Grandmother and Granddaughter…

Mother and son…                     

A family who travelled quite a distance…

Some of our TLIG Team…   

Our TLIG Photographer, Stephen

April 7th 2019

Our taxi drivers Paul and Liz drove Vassula and Fr. Petr to the airport for their early flight.  As a tiny token of thanks, a little St. Brigid’s Cross was given to Vassula and Fr. Petr on their departure. We were delighted that Dimitris, who works with an airline here, was rostered on Vassula’s flight!  Hence, one of our team could accompany her and Fr. Petr all the way back to Athens…

Many people were deeply touched – here below is a sound bite from a young person who flew in to see Vassula and to hear her speak for the first time: ”It was so lovely seeing Vassula, 77? ...wow this is amazing. She exudes such power and grace. Her serenity and authority was very apparent - much needed in these godless times. I'm so glad I came; I love hearing her talk about God and I felt incredibly lucky to have seen her. I have watched her on so many you tube videos and read her books, and feel a real resonance. She loves God so much and makes so many statements about sin which I really like to hear. I hope to see her again. I was on Amazon searching for books on heaven and hell, as they are subjects that fascinate me, and that's how I came across Vassula's book Heaven and Hell. I found it so compelling, I read it in a few days. When I watched her on you tube I could see that she was genuine and not a charlatan - there are so many of these unfortunately. The easy flow of her conversation made what she says very compelling.  I am usually quite sceptical because of all the frauds out there. To know that she does not take money and has Beth Myriam houses increased my appetite for her prophecies more.”

We thank God and all of Heaven for sending Vassula, Fr. Petr and the Message of True Life in God to Ireland. We will keep our eyes lifted to heaven, remembering that we are just passing through here on earth and that our real home is in heaven.  And, as Jesus asks - we will keep transmitting His Message to all those who have not yet had the opportunity to hear it.

During this visit, we saw how in choosing Vassula that Jesus chose a true ‘Athlete’ to deliver His Message to our world of today. We can learn – we all need to shape up to try to be the athletes Jesus wishes us to be, as we try our best to do His Will…

We give all the glory, honour and praise to Our Loving Almighty God!

True Life in God Ireland Team

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