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Ο Άγγελός μου Δανιήλ

Preface to My Angel Daniel

We invite you to approach this book as if Vassula Ryden were a stenographer, taking down for you a personal message of great importance given with great love. Many are already aware of and have even experienced the reality of their angels in some palpable fashion, if not in the extraordinary way that Vassula experienced hers. The Lord has indicated that He is speaking to each of us individually and tells us to take away Vassula's name in these messages and replace it with our own. Not only Vassula, but each of us has a guardian angel who is certainly as eager as hers to have us recognize that "God is near you and loves you." Vassula asked about her angel's presence on May 30, 1986 and this exchange followed: Angel Book 1:17-18

Where are you usually?
I am where you are.
Could you see me as clearly as I see things?
Where are you when I run down the stairs?
I am with you.
Where are you now?
I am near you.
Where will you be when I die?
You will meet me; I shall be by your side. (Angel Book 1:18)

This extraordinary journal represents compelling evidence that angels are more than abstractions or fable characters; that they are indeed powerful guardians and intercessors who love us more than we could ever comprehend-this side of heaven. What also comes through is how much we need our angels' protection in a world where, as the Lord said through Vassula, "evil is prowling among you like a wolf...." The messages address questions and skepticism very concretely as Vassula's angel and the Lord patiently work through what Vassula has described as her abysmal ignorance of the divine supernatural. Vassula's awareness of her angel's presence changed everything. How could it not? Still, she struggled a long time with how this could be happening and more so, she wondered, "Why to me?" She could not foresee how this might help others, but has since come to understand that it really is the gift from our Loving Father to all His children. She also understands that He chose her because no one could be more oblivious or indifferent to God than Vassula was at that point in her life. Thus, no one who reads these messages of love is beyond recognizing that not only is our guardian angel always with us, but so is our Blessed Lord.

We would urge you to understand that Vassula is what the Lord called "a sign" of our own angel's presence. If we grasp this, it will be for us, as it was for her, only the beginning of a new awakening. It would lead inevitably to a deeper awareness of God's living presence, of His love for each of us and of why He created us.

The Lord wrote by Vassula's hand in October 1986: Angel Book 2:51-52
...I am your Redeemer; I will always be; I will never leave you. I love you ... turn to me and look at me; I am God, your Heavenly Father; realize why I am with you; I, God, will do the same thing to all my other sons and daughters, for you are all mine.. .1, God, love all of you; I am going to reunite you all.

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Υπάρχει ο Παράδεισος αλλά υπάρχει και η Κόλαση
Ο Άγγελός Μου Δανιήλ
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Υπάρχει ο Παράδεισος αλλά υπάρχει και η Κόλαση
Βασούλα Ρύντεν: Ο απολογισμός ενός αυτόπτη μάρτυρα γι' αυτά που πρόκειται να γίνουν

Το Έργο της Αληθινής εν Θεώ Ζωής. Τόμοι 1-12 σε διάφορες γλώσσες.

Ο Άγγελός Μου Δανιήλ
Οι Απαρχές της Αληθινής εν Θεώ Ζωής

Δι' Ευχών των Αγίων Πατέρων Ημών
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Οδηγός Προσευχής της Αληθινής εν Θεώ Ζωής
Παρέχει γενικές οδηγίες για τις συναντήσεις των ομάδων προσευχής της ΑΕΘΖ.

Ενημερωτικά Δελτία
Περιοδικά που εκδίδονται σε όλον τον κόσμο με ποικίλα θέματα και αναφορές από τις δραστηριότητες της Αληθινής εν Θεώ Ζωής.

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Άρθρα για την Αληθινή εν Θεώ Ζωή και την Βασούλα.

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Ηλεκτρονικό καλάθι - Μόνο Αγγλικά.

Βίντεο και CDs
Λίστα διάφορων παραγωγών υλικού της Αληθινής εν Θεώ Ζωής και σύνδεσμοι στους αντίστοιχους ιστοχώρους.


Εγώ Είμαι Ο Μοναδικός Κριτής

Ο Θεός Σας Έρχεται


Ένα μήνυμα από τη Βασούλα
για την 35η επέτειο της ΑΕΘΖ


© Vassula Rydén 1986 All Rights Reserved
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