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Celebrating together the Holy Easter

Johannesburg, South Africa
March 31 - April 8, 2010

Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010 was arrival day in Johannesburg, South Africa. We were seventy three participants from eighteen countries that gathered together on behalf of His All Holiness Pope and Patriarch Theodoros’ II invitation to Vassula Ryden to join him in Johannesburg as He would be there during Holy Week. This invite had come when she was visiting Egypt in November 2009 and met with him; he asked her and the group to join him in Johannesburg. She had told him she would think about it because it is so far and an expensive trip. As soon as it was announced, many showed an interest to attend this trip. The program was then arranged according to the Patriarch’s schedule and we would be joining his schedule of services.

Patriarch Theodoros II and Vassula Ryden Alexandria, Egypt Nov 2009

The priests who were part of the group were Fr Joseph Iannuzzi who traveled from Rome and Fr Joseph Ssali from Uganda.

Fr.Ssali from Uganda Fr.Ianuzzi from USA

We stayed at the Lake view lodge near the Johannesburg airport.

Lake view Lodge

The Holy Unction Service at St.Andrews

At five pm we departed on a large Pullman bus and a smaller van to take us to the Greek Orthodox Church named St. Andrew’s which is in Krugersdorp. The Patriarch would be there for the service of The Holy Unction. Upon arrival we were able to be present for the Gospel readings as there are seven that are read for this service. We then were anointed with the Holy Oil on our foreheads, chin, cheeks, and hands by the Priest who says; O Holy Father, physician of our souls and bodies, have mercy, forgive and save your servant....A beautiful way to start our first evening with a healing service.

We then were invited to go to the hall next to the Church for refreshments. There we greeted His All Holiness, Archbishop Seraphim and the Parish Priest Fr. Evangelos Nicolaides and the rest of the community.

Vassula had presented his All Holiness with a small gift.

Vassula offering the Patriarch a gift

Vassula greeting Patriarch Theodoros II

Vassula greeting Patriarch Theodoros II

Vassula with Fr.Evangelos Nicolaides parish priest of St.Andrew's

Many people in the community recognized Vassula as she has been there before and they were so happy to meet with her again. A young man approached Vassula and thanked her for bringing him closer to the Greek Orthodox Church through the TLIG Messages and Vassula said,"it was not I it was Jesus."

Divine Liturgy at The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese

Thursday, April1, 2010 In the morning, we departed for the Greek Archdiocese in Houghton to attend Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great of The Last Supper with his All Holiness in the chapel of the Holy Trinity which is on the same grounds.

Archdiocese Grounds

Chapel of the Holy Trinity

Archimandrite Panteleimon Arathymos , director of the private office of the Patriarch, served along with Deacon George Coconas. There was also an American named John Burnett and is ierapostol who was chanting along with an African seminarian who had a gifted voice from the Lord. One of the Gospels that were read from Matthew 26 says, Jesus took bread, blessed and broke it, and gave it to His disciples, and said."Take and eat; this is My Body." then He took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying,"Drink from it all of you. For this is My Blood of the new covenant, which is shed for many for the remission of sins." After this unifying service we had with His All Holiness, there was a beautiful spread of Lenten treats with refreshments served outside on the beautiful grounds of the Archdiocese.

Lenten Spread at the Archdiocese

Enjoying the Lenten spread on the grounds of the Archdiocese

Georgia Klamson presented the Patriarch with a photographic book by Dimitrios Panagos on The First Decade of Archbishop Demetrios of America. His All Holiness was so pleased and said many admirable words about Archbishop Demetrios. In turn the Patriarch then presented a silver monogrammed plate of the Patriarchate of Alexandria to the TLIG group.

Georgia Klamson presenting the book of "The First Decade of Archbishop Demetrios of America" by Dimitrios Panagos to Patriarch Theodoros II

Fr.Athos, Patriarch Theodoros II and Archbishop Seraphim

Janna Drekovic had given the True life in God messages in Russian volume one and two to the Patriarch. He was going to meet with Patriarch Kyrill of Russia in Alexandria Egypt the following week.

Patriarchal concelebration in Alexandria,Egypt

Janna spoke to him in Russian as His All Holiness speaks fluent Russian. He had served in Odessa in the Ukraine for ten years. She asked him if he could give the books to Patriarch Kyrill and Patriarch Theodoros reassured Janna three times as he was blessing her that he will deliver them. Janna also told him there are many prophecies on Russia and he said that he knows about them.

Janna Drekovic presenting the Russian TLIG messages to Patriarch Theodoros II

Russian Prophecies

"Vassula, your sister is dead, but the Lord is near her now and will resurrect her and Love will love the Unloved and she will cry up to Him: "You are My God and Saviour!" with this cry, the demons shall take flight; fearing, demons will flee; for this nation will become one and God's most devoted servant; healed and resurrected by God's Strength, her stature of holiness will attract all her neighbours by her devotions to the Almighty; Russia will be the symbol of God's Glory of God's Mercy and Love; her hymns and chants, that are so sweet in Our ears, with her graceful movements, will rise up to heaven like incense; Love will resurrect her as He resurrected her a thousand years ago;

"I am the Lord, the Resurrection; when I will resurrect Russia, she will restore My gifts, she will embellish My House again with love and I will unite her again to Me; I will offer her My Bread and My Wine and she will not refuse My Food; she will accept My offer and she will eat My Bread and drink My Wine, renewing herself, praising Me; I will clothe her with My Glory; I will adorn her majestically; I will irrigate her from My Own Springs; I will replenish her stores; My Eyes are upon her, ah Vassula, just wait and see! daughter, how I long to see Peter, My Peter, visit your sister... "(February 1,1988)

those who have taken the wrong turning will fall; I will destroy the luxurious forces with My Fire and the proud will be brought low; I intend to rebuild My House and I shall adopt her sons and daughters to honour Me; Vassula, do not just stand there bewildered and uncomprehending; I tell you, your sister Russia will be the head of many nations and will glorify Me in the end; listen carefully and understand:

her shepherds will be gathering

while treaties will be breaking elsewhere, and while rebellion will be working its way elsewhere to abolish the Perpetual Sacrifice, Russia's shepherds will be gathering to restore My House, reverencing the Perpetual Sacrifice, worshipping and honouring Me;

when in the last days nation after nation will decline and pervert itself for having erected the disastrous abomination in the Holy Place, Russia's shepherds will be gathering to sanctify her altars;

and while others will be reverencing a lifeless form, an invention of human skill, an unbreathing image, Russia's shepherds will be gathering, glorifying Me, for I, God, will preserve her Integrity;

and while efforts very evilly are being spent elsewhere to shorten the days of My mouthpieces, since they are the hope of this world, Russia's shepherds will be gathering, to protect My Holy Sacrifice, and I, for My part, will be setting My Throne in her, and I will assemble all those who bear My Name together for My Glory;

I will repair her broken altars, for many who live under My Name will side up with her in the end, and her shepherds will, with one hand, and one spirit re-erect My tottering House; what had once been twisted will now be straightened, and I will adorn Russia with impressive vestments because of her zeal in Me; I will place her shepherds at the head of innumerable nations; I have engraved her with the seal of consecration to offer Me, once more, incense and an appeasing fragrance; this is why I will overwhelm her shepherds with miracles;

"Russia, My Loyalty and My Gentleness will sanctify you; Russia, My daughter, acknowledge Me entirely and I promise you on oath to exalt your descendants like stars and give them sacred vestments; acknowledge Me entirely, Russia, and I will annihilate all your opponents; I will, if you acknowledge Me wholly, do fresh wonders in you to prove to everyone living under the sun, My Mercy and My Holiness;" (December 13,1993)

The Holy Passion Service at St Athanasios

We then departed for lunch back at our lodge and rested. In the evening, at five pm, we departed for the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Athanasios in Benoni to attend the service of the Holy Passion where the twelve Gospels are read at this service. Our group filled the church pews waiting for The Patriarch to enter. It was a royal and grandiose entrance as the Patriarch processed down the aisle. The Parish priest is Archimandrites Markos Theodosis, Father Markos came over to greet Vassula as he knew her, he is a young priest and we found out that he had been reading the tlig messages while he was in seminary.

Fr.Markos greeting Vassula in Church

Crucifixion Icon at St.Athanasios

The Dismissal Hymn; May Christ, our true God, who endured spittings, and scourging, and buffetings, and the cross and Death for our salvation, through the intercessions of His most pure and Holy Mother, the power of the precious and life-giving cross...

After the service, we were invited to go to the Hall for refreshments. Vassula had given photographed copies of her paintings (as she is an artist) of Jesus and The Theotokos to His All Holiness. He said he will frame them .He mentioned his most loved one is Jesus with the blue eyes which is referred to as Jesus of the Shroud. She also gave to Archbishop Seraphim, Fr. Markos, another priest, and Archimandrite Panteleimon Arathymos.In fact the other priest loved the paintings so much he personally got a few more copies for himself.

A few of Vassula's Paintings

Vassula's painting are being sold now in order to raise money for the the TLIG Prayer Group in Rhodes, who will be hosting future retreats and gatherings there. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of one of Vassula's paintings, be sure you've signed up for the TLIG e-newsletter. We will be making an announcement soon.

The Imperial Hours and The Apokathelosis on Good Friday

Good Friday, we departed for the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Constantine and Helen in Hillbrow. The Parish Priest is Fr. Elias Palmos. We attended the combined service of the Imperial hours and the Apokathelosis "Jesus taken down from the Cross’". There is a beautiful Procession with the Epitaphios that takes place .Patriarch Theodoros II was reverently holding the Epitaphios along with the clergy and altar boys in the procession and carried it around the Church to the Solea and there the Epitaphios was placed in the prepared flowered Selpulchre. The Congregation was kneeling until the procession was over. At the end of service, we all waited on line to reverently kiss the Epitaphios.

Patriarch with the Epitaphios

Patriarch and Clergy in front of the Epitaphios

Kneeling in church

Patriarch Theodoros II

Patriarch Theodoros II chanting

We were invited to go next door and have refreshments to the Hellenic Cultural Center.

The Hellenic Cultural Center at St.Constantine and Helen's Greek Orthodox Church

Thank You For Ornamenting Our Church With Your Presence at St.Constantine and Helen

One of the parish ladies came up to Vassula and us and said in Greek "thank you for ornamenting our church with your presence." she had been so happy to see such a large group come from so far to join them in worship.

Vassula with Deacon George(left)Vassula and Fr.Minas(right)

Later that evening, we went back to the lodge and we gathered together .Vassula spoke to us on the Passion of Christ and how he suffers. During this time a supernatural event took place. There was a shortage of seats, many of us stood on the side and among them was Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi. He gave his account of what transpired:

As Vassula addressed the group of pilgrims from 18 different countries, there seemed to have appeared, superimposed on Vassula’s left profile, Jesus’ luminescent left profile bearing a crown of thorns. This occurred and was filmed on Good Friday, the day of Jesus’ Passion, and during Vassula’s speech to the TLIG group on her own recent passion. While usual silhouettes appear in dark shadow, this one was luminescent. Having been trained by the Vatican universities to avoid the tricks of the human mind that might conjure images of Christ in the clouds, in photo glares and in dim lighting, I tried to ignore what I thought I saw. After having seen Jesus’ luminescent profile follow her left profile for at least 5 minutes, I begrudgingly called over the videographer, Antonis Tectonidis. Hoping he’d say, "Father, I think you’ve finally lost it," he instead saw the image as well. He picked up his video camera and tripod and came over to me, to her left side. When I indicated with my hand what I was seeing, he replied that he too could see it, and began filming from that left viewing angle. He had me hold the camera, while he positioned the tripod and placed the camera on it. I believe Antonis captured 5 of the 10 minutes of the image. While on account of lighting, angle videos can compromise actual footage, I believe the image is readily discernable on film.

People Giving Glory to God With Their Testimonies

Then it continued and people gave their testimonies on how they heard about the TLIG messages how it changed their lives. People gave some very powerful testimonies on how TLIG has brought them to a deeper relationship with Christ and closer to the sacraments of the church whether they were Orthodox, Catholic, other denominations, or fallen away from the church .All this witnessing to give glory to God.

TLIG people giving their testimonies

Saturday, April 3, 2010 We Visited Mandela’s Square in Sandton, Johannesburg.

We took our group photo in front of Nelson Mandela’s statue

True Life in God Group in Mandela Square 2010

We continued our visit to the African Arts and Crafts Market at Rosebank. On the bus, Vassula randomly opening a message and read it out to us which was from June 29, 1994

Vassula reads a random message ... the message date is June 29, 1994

We then prepared ourselves for the Easter Vigil that will take place at the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Christ the King in downtown Johannesburg. We celebrated the Resurrection of our lord Jesus Christ.

The service began outside the Church where we waited in total darkness and waited for the clergy to begin the candle lighting service .We processed outside the Church with our lighted candles and entered into the front entrance of the Church.

Easter Vigil at the Christ The King Cathedral

John 8:12 says When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life."

The main concelebrant was Fr.Shaun along with Fr.Joseph Iannuzzi and Fr.Joseph Ssali.

Fr.Shaun along with Fr.Joseph Iannuzzi and Fr.Joseph Ssali

We were seated directly behind the people who were ready to receive the sacraments of Baptism, Communion and Confirmation for the first time. Fr. Shaun remarked to the congregation how privileged they were to receive Vassula and the 73 TLIG pilgrims from 18 countries .It was a warm welcome. The church was filled to capacity. In addition to the candle light mass, we enjoyed the beautiful Zulu and Seweto hymns of two choirs; The Community and Cathedral Malawian Choirs singing hymns from the different regions of Africa.

In a message Jesus says: ... testify on My great Love and Mercy; you want to bear witness? bear witness in My Name: Jesus Christ, Beloved Son of God and Saviour; love one another as I love you; rejoice, you who have been given My hidden manna and have already received the Seal of My Love on your forehead;.(August 5-29,1990)

Three more Priests Joined Us

Sunday April 4, 2010, We had some sightseeing of the city of Johannesburg. Today, three more priests who joined us after their Easter services were Fr Vincent Porathur from Sasolburg who is part of the prayer group in his parish, Fr Graham Bouwer from Ladysmith who has been involved with prayer groups in Pretoria and Fr Wayne Weldschidt from Durban, (who hosted Vassula 's mission last year and arranged the meeting with Cardinal Wilfred Napier.)

Fr.Wayne Weldschidt and Vassula

We heard more profound testimonies.

TLIG testimonies...

Later that evening, Mass was concelebrated with Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi and the three visiting priest mentioned above. During the Homily, Fr. Joseph witnesses his first encounter with Vassula and how he was instrumental in setting up the meeting for her and Pope John Paul II at the Vatican in November 1993.

In 1993 Pope John Paul II Blesses Vassula Ryden and Her Mission at The'Sala Delle Benedizioni

Fr. Iannuzzi said,I reviewed a few of the messages from Jesus to Vassula in 1987 where he tells her He wants her to "put into the hands of his Johannes", Pope John Paul II, his messages. and again in 1987 that Jesus would make his Johannes recognize her when she went to give him her messages. In 1993 this was accomplished in the "Sala delle Benedizioni" where I arranged a meeting of Vassula via phone. What inspired me to do this were her messages that had I been reading daily for a few years.

I arranged the meeting with Pope John Paul II and Vassula in 1993 in the "Sala delle Benedizioni' (The Blessings Hall of the Pope). Vassula arrived at my doorstep with Fr. O'Carrol and her writings in 3 languages the day before the arranged meeting. The following morning I accompanied them to the Vatican, past the Swiss Guards and to the front of the line where the Pope would meet her. Toward the end of the procession in The Blessings Hall, the Pope stopped in front of Vassula, recognized her, and spoke to her in French. He blessed her mission and her, and she submitted directly in to his hands her messages. At this moment Jesus' mission was accomplished and he never again asked her to submit her writings to the pope.

Vassula who brought her writings in English, Polish and French and placed them in the Pope's hands thereby fulfilling Jesus' request that he wants his 'Peter' to receive these messages.

A Special Mass Arranged For Us With Archbishop Buti Thlagale

Monday, April 5, 2010 there was a special mass arranged for us at the Cathedral of Christ the King. Twenty One people traveled for four hours from Polokwane to participate in the Unity Mass on Easter Monday even though they knew Vassula would not be speaking. They traveled home the same day.

The Poster for Mass

The five priests with our group concelebrated with Archbishop Buti Thlagale including local priests Fr Eugene Clarkson, Fr Paul Winters and Fr Stan Jadoszinsky. Fr Shaun von Lillienfeld .

Archbishop Buti Thlagale Celebrating Mass

True life in God Messages Used In The Homily

Fr. Shaun gave a beautiful homily and spoke very kindly of TLIG. He quoted messages from TLIG and emphasized how humility and love were the keys needed to unify the church. During the homily entire paragraphs of the TLIG messages were read out and that if felt like Jesus showing us by this; of how He wishes the messages to be used in Homilies for sound teaching coming straight from His very Mouth from the pulpit.

He invited Vassula and Winnie to present the gifts.

Presentation of the Gifts during Mass at Christ the King

It was a unique experience as we joined two church choirs singing and dancing as we praised God in African tradition. (African Choir)

African Choir

This Holy Mass filled the faithful in the Cathedral with the immense Joy of the Resurrection and that it was an outstanding celebration in the true Spirit of TILG filled with God's Unity, Love Peace, Joy and Hope that one did not want it to end.

Jesus says in a message ... approaching the eastern church with the western church and perform Unity! (June 19, 1995)

Jesus says in another message... behold, what joy I will have when around One Altar you will gather and around this same Altar you will praise Me; acknowledging your mistakes, repenting for your rebellion and remembering My Love for you and loving one another as I love you; children, be perfect! (April 19, 1988)

At the end of the Mass, Archbishop Buti said, Vassula Ryden with many international visitors who are here with us, this Easter, Monday morning we celebrate the Eucharist. We are privileged to have you here with us. You bring us many blessings, and we are most grateful.

Archbishop Buti Thlagale address Us At Christ The King Cathedral

I thank everybody else for coming to Mass this Monday morning and to be present here with our visitors. I would hope that the grace they brought with them will stay with us and reach us and make us better Christians. More than better Christians, make us people who are committed to reaching out towards other Churches, bearing the spirit of that we all belong to Christ, and that we should become examples of the good news of Christ, examples, witnesses, of what Christ has left behind and which by the spirit now we saw all that this celebration does reinforce that conversion (?) that we too are called to Unite God’s Church. Thank you.

He also said, I have attended many Ecumenical meetings and I am not the wiser. I find it extremely frustrating instead of talking about a vision of where we ought to be as people of God, we raise obstacles, we refer to the divisions, the causes of divisions in the past, and in so doing we reinforce the very separation, the very divisions we seek to overcome. I think people in authority, I am almost convinced, give with one hand and take back with the other. We say we want to be seen to be united but I assure you, (we use the expression in this homily), that love overcomes caution. It is been of caution. We seek to be one, but in the end we are so cautious, so careful so preserved in our own uniqueness and in so doing continue to applaud the division that exists among our churches.

Frankly, I think that unity will not necessarily come from above from the directors such of our Churches. I thought I have already stated that. We also need to look that unity be driven by the very people who are members of Christ's body. The people of God need to reach a point where they see, so to speak, to be disciples, to be followers, but to feel compelled to take the leadership themselves as members of the body of Christ.

It is one thing to be a follower and it is another to be a leader, and so I thing the Ecumenical movement should come to a point where those from the low, short to speak, the lay people hasten in the pace, because as said those who lead the hierarchy of the various churches, (it doesn't matter someone said to me, do not to listen to them), they have vest their interests and therefore peculiarly, consciously protect those vest interest's.

Now, Fr. Shaun doesn't know that on Saturday morning I spend the whole morning reading on Vassula. Whenever there is an opportunity I pray for Vassula. Trust me. The website, especially since 1995 with the reaction from the Vatican I had read that all this on Saturday morning, and so I say what I say because of this background, but again from my background of so many Ecumenical meetings I had said.

I think I am trying to say that the Spirit blows where It wills and that we need to give Vassula a good chance to lead so that we all become truly one as members of Christ's Body. But, in reality the Ecumenical Movement will be blessed, it will not retreat as we fight and yet in the sense it is a calling of each members of Christ's Body.

After, Fr. Shaun said, I would like to thank our choir who sung for us this morning... A special thank you for Winnie Williams and Garcinda Jardin and our True Life in God Johannesburg group for preparing for this occasion, the dynamic youth group for being with us this morning, and I would also like to thank my Cathedral Staff....

Vassula I know you are not on the list to speak but I would definitely want you to say two words. So, he invited Vassula to address the congregation from the pulpit.

Vassula Ryden Speaking at Christ the King

Vassula said, I want to thank the Bishop and the fathers here that are with us because without them we would not have had this great mass. Give an applaud to them.

Also, again I would like to thank this wonderful choir. It was a great experience for those who came from 18 countries and never heard anything like that before and they loved it. Thank you.

It is not my first time in this Cathedral. I think I have been three times already,.. 4 times, and so I was graciously invited by the Catholic Church here to give my speech on the messages of True Life in God and I remember that the Cathedral was just as full as today. Even the first time, there were no seats available and the youth came all the way in the front. So, I think Johannesburg in this part of the Church, they received really True Life in God and estimated it accordingly, its value, and I do thank Johannesburg for all what they do for TLIG.Thank you may God bless you.

After the Mass, we were warmly welcomed to go to the church hall and the parishioners had prepared lots of food and refreshments for all of us. Both choirs performed for us there in their African tradition and invited us all to go on stage and participate in dancing with them. Fr. Shaun came on the bus and gave us his farewell.

Fr.Shaun giving everyone a Farewell

Deacon George Coconas gives us his farewell on the bus as well

We then drove to the outdoor African Bruma flea market where we were able to buy some souvenirs.

Tuesday April 6, 2010 we departed by bus, north to Bakubung Safari Game drive, approximately three hours from Johannesburg. Half way there we stopped at the Lesedi cultural village for lunch and a tour on the African tribes.

The Lesedi Cultural Village

The Lesedi Cultural Village

The Lesedi Cultural Village

The Lesedi Cultural Village

The tour guide on our bus was very much interested to meet Vassula and know more about her charisma. Vassula talked to her as we were driving and in the end gave her the ONE book of messages.

Vassula Blessing Sara

Pavlos spoke with Sara, the tour guide of the village, and gave her the TLIG book and she said "this is a blessing for me" Pavlos asked her how to say true life in God in Zulu..

Pavlos giving Sara a True Life in God Book

On Our Way for Safari in Pilanesberg National Park

On our way to Bakubung, we drove past Pretoria on our way to the safari lodge. The drive through the countryside of South Africa is beautiful with views of the valley and big mountains in the background. After checking in to the Bakubung Hotel Lodge, also known as People of the Hippo in malaria-free Pilanesberg National Park, we quickly took our first safari tour at four thirty riding through the bush in an open jeep. We saw lions, rhino’s Hippo’s Giraffes, Elephants, a Cheetah, an Ostrich, Wildebeests ,Cobra, Zebra’s and much more.

Bakabung Lodge

Bus Safari


Wednesday, April 7, 2010 just before dawn on this day, we crowded into the open jeeps again to explore the bush. We saw more wild animals that were seen in their natural habitat.

Fr.Joe, Fr. Graham and Fr.Vincent

Giraffe,Elephant and Zebras

Later that morning, we had an outdoor mass with Fr. Joe Iannuzzi concelebrated the mass with Fr. Joseph from Uganda , Fr. Vincent from Sasolburg ,and Fr. Graham from Ladysmith .Having Mass outside and listening to only the sounds of nature people expressed how serene and peaceful it was and were able to reflect on God’s presence in nature.

Jesus says in a message. you will from now on seek Me in silence, love Me in absolute silence, pray in silence, enter My Spiritual World in silence;(May 31, 1987)

Vassula Ryden and Cardinal Napier Meet Again

Vassula, Georgia and Winnie drove back to Johannesburg a four hour drive for the meeting that was prepared with Wilfrid Cardinal Napier. We met Cardinal Napier at the Inter-Continental Hotel by the airport .Fr. Wayne accompanied him there. He was there for an Inter-religious meeting. When they first said hello, it was a warm welcome as they embraced and they looked happy to see each other again.

Cardinal Napier gives Vassula a Warm Welcome

They discussed Church matters and Vassula spoke to him about unifying the dates of Easter and that the Catholic Church is working on this.

Vassula and Cardinal Napier enjoying their meeting

Jesus says in a message:

"As the Father sent Me I am sending you, go now and meet your Brother and unite the dates of Easter, then I shall give you the gift of love and restore your sight,; I do not want you to perish in your own folly; double indeed is My grief; double My groaning; go and glorify Me by unifying the dates of Easter" (December 7,1994)

also in another message Jesus says:

" listen and write; glory will shine from the Eastern bank; that is why I say to the House of the West; turn your eyes towards the East; do not weep bitterly over the Apostasy and the destruction of your House; do not panic, for tomorrow you will eat and drink together with My shoot from the Eastern bank; My Spirit will bring you together; have you not heard that the East and the West will be one kingdom? have you not heard that I shall settle for one date?" (October 24,1994)

The Cardinal also mentioned that his webmaster informed him that they had the greatest number of hits to the website after he had written an article on Vassula. Cardinal Napier and Vassula spoke for an hour before his meeting. There were Inter-religious leaders that were arriving at the Hotel and as they passed by the Cardinal and Vassula; he was introducing her to the different leaders.

Fr.Wayne, Vassula Ryden and Cardinal Napier

Spiritual Unity

"if the churches are able to go beyond the negative obstacles that hinder them to unite, obstacles that according to Scriptures are against the fulfilment of the unity of faith, love and worship among them, I will be faithful to My promise of releasing a time of peace in the entire world; this peace will draw every being into My Mystical Body, fulfilling My Words given to you all in My prayer to God the Father, when I implored: "

"may they be one in Us, as You are in Me and I am in You, so that the world may believe it was You who sent Me;" 5 this supplication uttered by My divine Lips is echoing every second from heaven still; My Words intonated were meant that the whole of the creation must be affected into a spiritual unity and not a unity by a signed treaty; to fulfil My Words the churches must seek first humility and love, graces that can be obtained through the Holy Spirit and through a great repentance" (December 10, 2001)

After Vassula’s meeting with Cardinal Napier, journalist and executive producer, George Mazarakis from M-Net continent (I wrote continent cause I’d like to emphasize that M-NET is not a small local TV station but covers the whole Africa TV station had come to the Hotel with his camera man to interview and film Vassula for a one hour segment on his TV program called Carte Blanche.

George Mazarakis producer , Carte Blanche

George Mazarakis producer , Carte Blanche

This was arranged by yet another wonderful ‘coincidence’ or, since this word does not exist in God’s vocabulary, one should rather call it ‘providence’. Pavlos, one of the group readers who had come with us to South Africa, met several days before a producer of ‘Carte Blance’ (popular Sunday’s TV show in Africa) at Mandela Square ‘by chance’ while shopping. When she heard them speak Greek she asked Pavlos who they where and what they were doing in Johannesburg? Pavlos, who is known to never miss out on a chance to speak about TLIG, shared about Vassula and the reason why they are in South Africa. The producer (Sophia Phirippides) showed interest for a possible interview/story. Pavlos gave her his Mobile number in case she wanted to contact him for an update. She did. While Vassula, Georgia and Winnie were already on the highway to meet with Cardinal Napier, she called him asking for an interview with Vassula. Pavlos told her that she was on the way to Johannesburg and she’d better contact Winnie the organizer to set up a possible meeting there as it would be the last chance to meet her before leaving South Africa.

This was all arranged as we were driving to Johannesburg. George called Winnie, and asked her to if he could have an interview with Vassula, and how and where this could take place. So, this opportunity arose as we were going to the airport. He phoned back and said he will meet us there. He then rented a small conference room at the Inter-Continental hotel where the interview took place. George had told Vassula that when he first saw her he got goose pimples. I heard him tell her that he went on the website and read what Cardinal Napier had said about Vassula and that she poses no threat to the Catholic Church and that he said very kind words about her.

Archbishop Seraphim also was at this inter-religious meeting. we were able to see him and speak to him. He had brought us the traditional Greek Pascha red eggs for us as we had phoned him that we would be going to the airport Hotel and would see him there.

Archbishop Seraphim brought us the traditional Greek red Pascha eggs

All these three things took place at the Inter-Continental Hotel. We departed from there approximately six thirty in the evening and drove north from Johannesburg back to Bakabung which took us about three hours. This day felt like it was a real mission with all that had transpired between meeting Cardinal Napier, Carte blanche interview and meeting Archbishop Seraphim. The lord had it all so conveniently prepared for this to take place at one meeting spot.

A Final Farewell At The Archdiocese

Thursday, April 8, 2010 we departed Bakabung for Johannesburg and had lunch at the Pappas restaurant at Mandela square. Fr. Athos was there along with Deacon George. After lunch, the group got back on the bus and drove to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese for a final farewell to his Eminence Archbishop Seraphim where he had coffee for all.

having coffee on the grounds of the Archdiocese

A beautiful part of this trip is that when we are together we are evangelizing with our presence and distributing tlig material to the waiters, game drive drivers, tour operators, stewardesses, bus drivers, housekeepers, waiters, hotel staff, and all who we met along the way.

Game driver reading tlig...

Jesus says in a message and You, whom My Soul cast out as a net in every nation...(April 8, 1993)

A special thanks for this labor of love, and all the hard work to Winnie Williams, Gracinda Jardin and Manny Ferreira and the others of the TLIG South Africa team for making this all a deeply spiritual and joyful experience. In the messages Jesus says,blessed are those who do not differentiate themselves under My Holy Name, but show their unity through their humility and love; they shall be called Pillars and Foundation of God’s Sanctuary.(April 14, 1991)

In Christ,
Sara Annunziata, Janna Drekovic and Georgia Klamson
TLIG readers
New York, USA

Johannesburg Airport, Prepares For The World Cup 2010

Johannesburg prepares for World Cup 2010

South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup

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