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Creating Regional Chapters to Help Evangelization and Prayer Groups

More in Depth - Cont'd

3. Defined and assigned responsibility to those people.

Once we had our list of potentials, we needed to define what we were going to ask of them. Here is what Vassula defined as goals/responsibilities for the regions.

Responsibility #1: Form Prayer Groups.

  • First and foremost, in order to help form prayer groups, one must be in a prayer group themselves that meets weekly if possible.
  • Ideally, they should be willing to even travel and stay overnight at the person's home in order to help them get their group started. This was successfully done in Switzerland and France. Probably elsewhere too.
  • They must also try to ensure that all Prayer Groups are READING the MESSAGES.

Responsibility #2: Organize witness meetings and other evangelization events

  • Goal is to have one witness meeting per month in each region.
  • Be willing to invite them from abroad.
  • Follow the organizers video that Vassula and Robert Lepricard made in Switzerland. Following the French model.
  • Also set up book tables in public areas

Responsibility #3: Keep a stock of books, videos, tapes, DVDs etc.


These will be used for the witness meetings and book tables events.


Responsibility #4: Prepare retreats every so often

Responsibility #5: Evangelize in prisons where it is feasible.

Responsibility #6: Attend International Retreats and, especially, the Pilgrimages


"It is important that people are encouraged to attend the International Pilgrimages and Retreats as it presents an opportunity for people of different confessional denominations and cultures to gather together and encounter a fruitful religious and cultural exchange. All participants have the opportunity to experience ecumenical inter-action and discussion, getting to know each other better in circumstances that encourage unity and fellowship, transcending doctrinal and nationalistic separation, isolation and self-sufficiency."


Responsibility #7: Give monthly reports to Bro. Otfried ( ) about evangelizing activities in their region

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Promluvy Vassuly Rydén po celém světě
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