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by Lilita Pacudan

The day went on just like any other day. We were in our offices for it was a Wednesday, occupied with the usual rigours of office work. Deep in our hearts, however, the day started with special anticipation for we knew that in the afternoon, we were going to Bangkok for a special meeting. Vassula Ryden, God's messenger, was going to meet with us at the Holy Redeemer Hall.

Sixty kilometers and a one and a half-hour drive to Bangkok went unnoticed by a group of students and staff of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). God was with us for traffic was not a problem at all, and we had an hour more for dinner and rest before the programme started.

People started to stream into the big hall, while organizers were efficiently doing their duties. What a marvel to behold. With God there is orderliness and efficiency. People of different cultures made up the big group present, the number of which I fail to estimate. Surprisingly, a rather large number were Thai, and non-English speaking at that! What big faith the Thais have! I happened to have been seated with a very friendly lady who spoke no English at all. She explained that she can read but not speak. I wonder how she was going to understand it all. But for at least two hours, we were together listening and understanding by mind, by heart and by faith.

An hymn started the programme, after which the rosary was prayed. There was a general atmosphere of peace and prayer in the big hall. Time stood still in Ruam Rudee while the chaos of Bangkok continued. People were happy and silent deep in their hearts. Vassula led the fifth decade of the Glorious Mystery in Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke. The words though strange, sounded so pleasing and yet familiar. It reminded me of the way the people from India and Pakistan spoke. Right then and there, I realized, yes! Despite the racial differences, we were all brothers after all, since Jesus spoke like the Indians and Pakistanis, and I considered Jesus my brother too! I personally thank God for making me realize that, because it hits nearer to home, so to speak.

Earlier on, while browsing through the printed programme, I felt a bit disappointed that Vassula was only to speak to us for an hour. Another blessing however awaited us, for she started to speak 15 to 20 minutes earlier than scheduled, so she had a longer time to share about God's love and God's peace and God's mercy. I may not be an authority about gifted people, more so about God's most blessed messenger, but indeed Vassula, in her simple words, touched a lot of hearts during that night. Her words were not her words, because it was really God talking to us when His special messages were delivered. Vassula, when she speaks, speaks just like any ordinary person, but when God speaks (during the parts when Vassula starts to read the written messages), her whole language transforms into a profound and indescribable holy talk. During those few hours she was with us, God was with us too and He clearly showed us that Vassula was His, and that she was a true messenger of God.

After Vassula ended her talk, the healing session started off with a prayer of Consecration to the Two Hearts (of Jesus and Mary). Many people lined up for healing and again, the Holy Spirit was at work, manifested by the orderliness and the prayerful atmosphere of the activity. A number of participants were filled with the Holy Spirit and rested in Him. The singing of the choir evoked powerful emotions that only caused us to lift God's Name and call out for Him while seated in our own seats. Tears of joy were seen on people's faces, and the hours dragged on to almost midnight, yet many were still inspired to serve as ushers/usherettes, catchers, assistants, etc. More so with Vassula, who never seemed to have tired herself through it all. Her hands were always raised to lift up the Holy Cross over the heads of those who went in front for healing. God's Hand at work was clearly manifested with the old, the young, and even the very young ones, who rested in His Spirit. I particularly treasure the experience of having witnessed a mother and her son lined up in front. Just as soon as the Holy Cross touched the mother, she fell, and the little boy beside her followed suit. It was a big blessing for the little family that God showed His Love to them in a special way.

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